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How do i get over one-itis? (explained inside if you don't know what it is)?


I just figured i had this after i found that website and read about it... I had a crush over this girl for a long long time, she did notice it and she did try to talk to me a few times but i was way too shy around her... now i switched schools and i still can't forget her. What can i do? I'm rather individualistic and many times i prefer to be alone, my life is going ok but i think everything would be way better if i could forget her somehow. What can i do? please help me.

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  • Rahul
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    This hurts because men are supposed to have an overabundance of success with women, not have a bad case of oneitis. Its usually a case of a guy being into a girl for a period of time from a week to 3 months and has moved on. Fortunately, when a guy asks this question, he’s already done the hard work, and the rest is easy.

    The first step is to realize how much power there is in your situation right now. Anything is achievable with a definiteness of purpose, and right now, your purpose is to finally rid yourself of the mental grasp that your oneitis has had on you. Often people describe the best way to get over oneitis as getting involved in some sort of hobby that takes your mind off the girl, and to also go out and meet new girls. What I have found is that these solutions can be combined to not only get you over your oneitis.

    What men often don’t realize is just how common the focus of their oneitis is. When you can’t get over a girl and shes running through your brain all the time, its hard to free up much of your focus to see just how many other beautiful women there are within 5 miles of you. This is why its important to get out of the house and meet new girls. As you force yourself to approach women, you slowly have less space in your brain to focus on your oneitis. You’ll also find that you can pick up beautiful women that are more intriguing than that girl you used to be into. So get out there, talk to other girls and start to realize that you can have any girl you desire, it is completely counter-intuitive but it is by far the best and easiest way to gather interest from that girl you so desired. The reason why you need to talk to them is that when you are actually talking to them they sort of become *real*. and when they are outside of your reality they aren’t contributing to your abundance mindset.


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    After reading the definition of one-itis, it sounds like unrequited love.

    The best thing to do now is find a girl friend, or a friend who is a girl. She will help you forget the one you left. Friends usually don't mind hearing about the other's difficulties. Ease into that, though.

    There's just no point of holding onto something that is lost.

    Tade it easy, be cool, and good luck.

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    i like this, i used to be an AFC.

    after reading that, its almost like simple infatuation, you can get over your inability to converse & close. you have to have the mind-set that you don't need a girl to be content & happy, this will negate the idea you need her etc.

    no need to forget her, just realize what needs to be done, don't think the only option is a romantic one, actually get to know her without the intention of confessing feelings and whatnot.

    good luck mate

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    have you ever asked her out? its normal to become attracted to certain people or a particular person. doing something positive about it can reduce the obsession. just turn the fantasy into a reality by actually getting to know her. whats the worst thing she can say?.. no

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    take gods name

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