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    everyone's life will have some profound and important things, but these things is just like in a box in the Federation of reminds me of the things inside the a smile, some stories as time goes on in my head has been a blur, but there are five things in my heart it is the most important, so i would like to say that the five most important small things.

    in our country, then i'm rabellion family, often provoke angry, but every time i ran out of a angrey of the Federation of the door, and don't know where to go to hidin'from in hidin'from in randmother home for several days, waiting for my father came to pick me home before i go home.

    When i spoke to junior high school girls all very good friend, often have girls all day with me (reifenstein likas, or in a few days, when the family thought that i was a lesbian, until at home know what i like is the original boys.

    in my high school, although i live a lazy, you always MOM or dad is sleeping, although very angry, but saw me good, and each scholarship, so keep my eyes close one eye, let me in his own pace.

    18 - year - old day, i play truant and riding my motorcycle driving test, three hours to license the moment, i feel, super happy world beauty, 18 - year - old feels good.

    in 2005, sister and i got married, because part-time work, in busy loses her sister got married just waking up on that day, i also wear your Pajamas station at home at the door, looked at outsidethere thrillme and longcalledforsecretary hilarious unclear situation, he was my father struck a blow to woke up.

    These five things i remembers cannot transition, many things cannot be again, but sometimes i think of things, the Federation of previous halls, laugh, but the more important things, that really grown up.

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    Every one have a important thing in this world,and some thing it will put in a box,some thing If i think this thing it will than me laugh,some story is in my brain and i con;t see very well,but have 5 thing in my hurt it very important,now i will tell every one this 5 important thing.


    In our city some times i will than you get very mad,and if I angey i will go out the door,but i don;t know where can I go,so I just go to my grandmothers house to live,when my fothercome here and I will go home.


    At high school I like my girls friend very much,some times they will always黏著我,or live at my house,my family just think i'm lasphenan(雷斯編)when i not high school my family know i'm not,I like a boy


    When i'm高中,my生活很懶散,I always sleep at school,my dad and mom very mad,but they saw my成績is not bad,every time I have獎學經,所以都睜一隻眼閉一隻眼,than me所以都睜一隻眼閉一隻眼.

    我翻到這裡喔 剛剛翻完全部了 可是被我妹用掉 所以我懶得翻

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