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Okay so I one day in life want a kitty!! I've been researching and the microchip...okay so lets say I get a kitty goes missing? Can I go to the vet and have it found with a microchip..or does it just have my address and number on it so if someone finds the kitten and they take it to a vet and have it looked at..I would really like to know,...and are u against microchip or are u guys for it?

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    Putting this in the 'cats' section would make more sense and probably get you a better answer.


    The microchip has a number on it. SHelters and animal hospitals usually have special scanners that scan for the microchip and show the number. The hospital or shelter then calls the company that made the microchip and asks for information that you gave the company when you registered your pet's microchip (usually that registration is about $15.)

    The registration with the company has your name, address, etc on it so if you move you need to keep it updated. You also need to make sure you register your pet's microchip because no one is more upset than the people who FIND a lost dog with a microchip and can't return it to the owners because the chip was never registered. (I've seen it happen with a VERY expensive looking skye terrier. His new owners adore him.)

    The chip should be scanned once a year or so to make sure it is still working and CAN migrate. It is injected underneath the skin usually between the shoulderblades.

    So far you cannot have your pet 'found' with a microchip as if the chip had GPS but I'm sure someone might think of it when technology improves enough. :)

    I LOVE microchips...I cannot keep collars on my dogs b/c they get caught on things and nearly choked the dog to death. I have also seen dogs stolen from a friend's backyard and were returned to her because they ran away from the thieves' backyard- the dog was wearing a brand new collar with no new tags- guess how she was found? You got it- the microchip with my friend's info on it. Even if the collar is gone the microchip 99% of the time is still working so yeah I'm 100% for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What this has to do with Yom Kippur I don't know...

    The chip contains a serial number on it. The serial number is retrieved and entered into a database that pulls up the information you registered with the chip company.

    It cannot track your pet. Tracking collars do exist but most only are small enough to use on dogs, and if the collar comes off they are useless.

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  • sgtcjl
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    1 decade ago

    It's not a locator device, it's like a dog tag. If someone finds the cat and they scan for the microchip, it can be returned to you. I'm all for anything that allows pets to be returned to thier owners.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What does this have to do with Yom Kippur? And how do you expect to have any decent answers, since most of the people who would know...well, they sure won't be looking here!

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