What's to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

My husband and I are taking a Friday - Monday trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico for our 5 year anniversary. We'll be flying in to Albuquerque and driving up to Santa Fe. We'd love any tips on scenic drives, spas, restaurants or other fun activities in the area.

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    I'd be happy to give you some recommendations. Just so you know, the ABQ airport is a great airport, leave, get on the highway, and it's a straight shoot to Santa Fe.

    Scenic drives and routes...

    - The way from ABQ to Santa Fe is a fairly interesting drive, especially if you have never been to New Mexico before and the scenery is new to you, but there is an alternate route if you'd like to take it.

    - Driving around the city of Santa Fe can be frustrating, so if you want to see some of the surrounding areas I recommend you leave the city limits. Two places I recommend. One, take "Old Santa Fe Trail" down until you are on your way to Madrid, New Mexico. You can also take the same highway you get on the get from ABQ to Santa Fe through town and onto the outskirts of Santa Fe.

    - "Aspen Vista" is a beautiful hiking area, and the drive up can be incredible. Note, though, if you or your husband get carsick, this is not the greatest route.

    Spas and other relaxing activities...

    - "Ten Thousand Waves" - If you want a spa, there's no better place. A little pricey but very romantic, and it's located in the mountains so there's beautiful scenery. You'd take the same route as you would to get to "Aspen Vista", it's just not as high up.

    - "Body" is a studio, spa, cafe, etc. Lovely place, very relaxing, but the scenery is no where near as incredible.

    - The spa at "The Eldorade Hotel", a hotel near the plaza. Very nice, also very pricey, but very relaxing.


    For authentic New Mexican food...

    $$$ - "Gudalupe Cafe" is located downtown with great New Mexican food and a good atmosphere.

    $$ - "Blue Corn Cafe" is a locals place with good Mexican food, but they also have burgers and such. Two locations.

    $ - "Bumblebee's" is a small cafe. Cheap but decent food, and a very colorful atmoshpere.

    For more romantic, fancy dinners...

    $$$$ - "The Compound" is as nice as it gets. Wonderfuk food, fancy atmosphere, great wine list, the ultimate treat.

    $$$ - "SantaCafe" - also very nice and a little less expensive. Try the chocolate deserts.

    $$$ - "Osteria", Italian food, good, less pricey.

    $$ - "Ill Vicino" - located downtown, Italian food, farely inexpensive.

    A few less known places and locals hangouts...

    $$ - The "Flying Star Cafe" - cheap, good, casual, great atmoshphere.

    $ - "Java Joe's" is a local coffee shop, we go there almost daily.

    $$ - "Tomasita's", New Mexican food, great sopapillas, tell Iggy that Maddie and Melissa sent you.

    Note: Santa Fe has an abundance of restaurants, but remember that the longer it's been around the better the food. Going to a chain restaurant is never recommended, and remember to tip well - our living wages are astronomical here.

    Fun and random acitvities...

    - The Plaza is a must even if there's not much going on (it's under slight construction right now). During the summer there's live music which is always fun and keyosks to buy suvineers, as well as some good restaurants. Also check out the Catherdral, even if you are not religious.

    - Museum Hill is good if you and your husband enjoy museums.

    - "The Farmer's Market" is not my taste, but you might enjoy it.

    Remember, if you want to do some more "normal" acitivites, simply drive south of downtown. The south side has a nice movie theater, a target, etc.

    Note: Try to camaflauge.

    Enjoy our beautiful city and e-mail me if you have any other questions!

    happy anniversery!

    P.S. I've got connections all over this town, so let me know if you need anything.

    Source(s): SF resident for more than 9 years.
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    Drive to Taos and enjoy yourself. This is a place for spiritual people

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