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How common are Palomino pinto horses?

I just purchased a beautiful Palomino frame overo and I was just curious how common they are. I have never seen one before and I have had horses for 30 years! Am I just sheltered? =P


I guess it must be because I live in New Hampshire and we don't have many pintos/paints around here. Mostly Morgans and TB's

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    Framed palomino overo less common, you do find a lot of other marked paints and pintos but not frames overos.

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    You don't see many Palomino frame overos. Frame overos are very desirable but are tough to breed for. Most people like black frame overos.

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    I live in Minnesota and they're all over around here. Around here its more uncommon to have a bay or sorrel than a fancy looking horse like those! Your so lucky though they're beautiful! I'm so jealous :) but i love my horses just the same, never judge a book by its cover right :)

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    They're relatively common.

    Just about as common as any other colours of horse.

    But those sure are beautiful, hey?

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  • 1 decade ago

    i don't think they are that common i have a mustang horse and i love him so much

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