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Anonymous asked in SportsOther - Sports · 1 decade ago

Who hates college sports?

To me professional sports are way better to watch. If you think about it, dont only the best of the college players get into pro sports. and the level of athleticism is alot higher in pro sports. Some players who are stars in college get to the NFL or NBA and fail miserably

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have to respectfully disagree with your statement. The NFL is a corporate sponsored organization and with those sponsors comes huge endorsements. Keep in mind that these are PAYED PROFESSIONALS. Just as you would work weekends or any other inconvenient holiday to keep your JOB they are willing to do the same. I'm not accusing the NFL to be filled with an entirely rigged system, but history has shown that some professional football players were payed to keep their position.

    College students are not being payed for their playtime and are clearly at a lower level of training than the professionals, but as of this moment they are still students. Their goal is to one day become professionals and view their game days more as an interview. They are willing to play their asses off to show the Interviewer that they have what it takes to one day be at the same level as a Pro.

    **note** College football games add a whole other element to the experience. Pro ball doesn't have a marching band! The marching band's energy feeds the crowd as well as drive the players. They may not be the Jonas Brothers *sarcasm*... but they are always amazing.

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  • Susan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    ND football , keep showing them and maybe they will be winners ? seriously. they haven't beaten a team that's above .500 in how long ? utes are my team and got spanked by tcu Congrats to TCU ! go represent the MWC we want an automatic bowl !

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  • never
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    well, I hate you.

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