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Did US Foreign Policy Cause Pakistan's Taliban Problem?


Just wondering......;)

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    Pakistan-USA relations have always been for strategic reasons only, with Pakistan on the abused end.

    The US has deliberately destabilized the region to plunder new markets and exploit new workers.

    In 1955 with economic pressure by the United States, Pakistan committed to the Baghdad Pact. OUT OF ALL THE THE ALLIES THE USA HAS HAD, PAKISTAN HAS RECEIVED THE MOST SANCTIONS! The USA traded monetary aid to Pakistan, Pakistan in exchange; had to fight for the political interests of the United States at the expense of the Pakistan people.

    The USA suspended military aid when the Pakistan people were most in need, the Pakistan-India war.

    When Pakistan started a nuclear program, the USA cut off all aid except for food assistance that was mandated by international law 1979.

    More recently, George Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan if they did not cooperate in the "War on Terror" saying "you are either with us or against us."

    Taliban's vision is an end to US-sponsored terrorism and imperialism in the Middle East that has been going on since the 1950's and earlier.

    I do not condone some of their tactics, but what can you expect when another country(the USA) forces their way of life upon them, uses their ppl and governments as cannon foder, and strip mine them of their resources for profit? (US organized, funded, and armed insurgency groups, installed US puppet regimes, burned crops, burned industries, bombed villages, and more.) Of course, you won't hear any of that from the corporate mass media.


    "The US WILL VIOLATE Pakistan’s sovereignty at will. Since last August, the US has mounted dozens of missile strikes within Pakistan and one Special Forces ground attack.

    Last week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that the Obama administration is asking the US Congress to give the Pentagon the same powers in relation to military aid to Pakistan that it has in respect to military assistance to the puppet governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under this “unique” arrangement, military aid to Pakistan would no longer flow through the State Department or be subject to Foreign Assistance Act restrictions, but rather be entirely controlled by the Pentagon.

    At the US’s behest, the Pakistani military has for the past 10 days been mounting a bloody offensive—including strafing by warplanes and heavy artillery—against Pakistani Taliban militia in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). The offensive has caused large numbers of civilian casualties and forced tens of thousands of poor villagers to flee.

    Between 600,000 and a million Pakistanis have been turned into refugees by the Pakistani state’s drive to pacify the NWFP and the country’s traditionally autonomous Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), so as to bolster the US occupation of Afghanistan.

    One thing is certain: What they are preparing will lead to greater violence and suffering for the people of the region and will further subvert the democratic will and aspirations of the Pakistani people."

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    Sometimes US policy is invited by a country that does not reflect what the people of that country want. Then you get unrest in the masses and the few who are radical swing the masses into an anti USA campaign. Sometimes the Policy helps the country who are being bullied by a neighboring country that is trying to overrun it, such as IRAN VS IRAQ in which they been at war and aggressive towards each other. With SADAM gone they (Religious Party) of IRAN tried to over run the Iraqi Government using religion, Al-Qaeda is forcing people to convert just as the Christians did during the crusades and Spanish Inquisition. Failures of USA Policy Backing Vietnam Government in stead of Ho Chi Ming. Backing Iran Government dictatorship.(Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) Backing Panama's government ( Daniel Ortega) Many failures and wins has happened not from the USA but from other countries doing the same thing. Big political wars both conventional and economics.

  • If so, only indirectly and marginally. No power in this world forced Pakistan's military government at the time to support the Taliban, and it is not unlikely they would have done so regardless.

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    I have read some very good answers here to this question.

    So I wish to contribute a humanitarian point of view , by stating that it IS Governments that go to war and seldom (unless the citizens of a country feel justified ) do the People who live under these governments want to go to war .

    Most people around the world wish to live their lives in Peace . Which includes things like going to school , working , getting married and raising a family.

    Source(s): My opinion
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    The Canadian Armed forces have been in Afghanistan for a long long time

    Prime Minister Chretien had them building schools and keeping food deliveries open and so on ----------------

    Then leader of the opposition Harper cried about Chretien not committing troops to Iraq -- He would have sent our forces into that death trap and money hole with glee just to please his US masters

    Chretien who grew up in the Trudeau cabinet was a back room boy whose specialty was doing nothing --- and for more than a decade Chretien managed to be the PM who no one could find and did little to nothing

    He left the riegns to Martin --- who promptly signed the security and prosperity act --- treason at it's best

    And he allowed the troops to be moved into a combat zone -- but kept them out of combat

    --- Along comes Harper ---- who changed their role to a combat role -- It was clear in NATO Canada did it or no one was going to

    Do you miss Chretien yet --- I do ............"How to do nothing" is a political art

    The British high command took over --- Canadians were happy -- then it rotated and we took command and then it rotated again and the Americans took command --- and Canadians got upset --- ( strange people we are )

    We were appeased with the knowledge that the Americans would issue orders to the British --- but not to us and the British would issue orders to Canadian soldiers ( because we are a strange people this made us happy )

    Then --- Herion crops quadruppled ---

    We are there with the Dutch the French the Brits and of course the Americans

    --- We have been doing most of the combat --- and somehow that has turned into them (Taliban) moving out of where we are and into Pakistan trying to and succeeding at cutting off supply routes while the heroin crops continues to grow

    Do you get the impression something is very wrong here ?

    Canadians are winning the battle --- while losing the greater offense of the war

    ------------- British high command recently said the Taliban can not be beaten by this method of warfare and must therefore be dealt with politically

    Then Harper repeated that to the Americans because Americans won't listen to the British but they might listen to Canadians ( because the Americans are a strange peoples to )

    Pakistan --- who has been destabilized by terror cross border raids martial law riots and other problems

    Because no one listened to Regan who said -- the irrationality of middle east politics could not be understood by the western mind and pulled out his marines because it was a useless venture ( and that was the 80's )

    Now Pakistan is falling -- because lets face it --- Take on the Canadian and British army --- or go fight the Pakistanis while cutting off the supply route and maybe capture nukes in the process was the only option we left them

    And the little buggers took it --- they are running from us while making advances in Pakistan --- and cutting off our supply routes

    The "Achilles heel" - with maps provided with the possibility of nukes at the end of their road

    Yes this is great

    -------------------- Doing nothing would have been the correct path

    Too late now

    Now we are stuck having to do stuff --- and in a hurry


    The graveyard of Empires --- and the cash crop of secret services hooked up with the irrationality of the middle east ( from our perspective ) pushed into the weak link which happens to be our food line

    ---------- Brilliant

    And most of this is US policy followed to the letter and implemented by NATO

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    What foreign policy are you talking about? the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ America pays them so they won't start firing nukes around the planet just because they can, they are delirious with the desire to meet all em virgins.

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    NO! There problem is religion.

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    dianne feinstein blabbed,,,,,,this dame is dense

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