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Some asshole just wrote down my license plate as I was leaving my friends house? Will the police come by?

Im a 25 year old black man who drives a new lexus, I went to my white friends house who lives in an all predominately white neihborhood he has been working on my computer for the last week. Im there for five minutes than as im leaving, I notice an elderly white man writing down my license plate. I open my door and ask him why hes writing my plate down. His response is "yeah you keep coming round here I got your number and walks away " Should I go kiss his *** for prejudging me , or call the police myself for harrassment? Will my license plates be flagged or some ****, Cant we all just get along...............


What is a Y!A troll?

Update 2:

It matters that its a Lexus because my friend in the buick who was there plates werent taken? Oh yeah he was white? But i guess white is right?

and yeah its a gs 450 hybrid, google it

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    He sounds like a racist, You have a right and a legiminate reason for being there. Don't worry yourself about him.

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    Sometimes, I am surprised twice at some of the answers I see here.

    First, I am surprised when I see people talking about the 'racist police' because I have never met any.

    Then I am surprised that I think that way, and wonder if my experience is unusual or if it is representative of the larger picture.

    In any event, if someone called my department with something like this, the dispatcher would explain to them over the phone that unless they observed criminal activity, being 'Black in a Lexus' isn't a violation of the law. Furthermore, 'being a person that isn't familiar in the neighborhood' is also not a violation of the law and does not constitute reasonable suspicion. If they demanded Police response, they would get one - at their door, where an Officer would explain this exact same thing to them in person.

    No one would be looking for the black man driving the Lexus.

    We *do* get calls like this - one or two a month; about two or three a year end up with the person demanding an Officer and getting the official 'do not call us with this type of stuff' visit at their door. Maybe one of those two or three people will try taking it a little farther by attempting to file a complaint against the Officer, which goes absolutely nowhere. We generally share this story with each other and laugh at the person's ignorance. And that's it.

    In some scenarios, of course, someone like this will 'manufacture' some suspicious behavior in order to get the response they think they 'deserve'. Examples include 'I saw this guy looking into cars', or 'he was walking up to houses and looking into windows'. Because, if true, those things WOULD be suspicious, an Officer does respond; however when the person they called about is contacted and it is established that they had legitimate business in the area, it becomes immediately clear that the caller has just used the Police to carry out their vendetta of bigotry. Officers are never amused to be used in such a way and this almost always results in a phone call or a visit to the person who made the report.

    My advice to you is to ignore the ignorant. It's the only thing they deserve. Unfortunately, there are no laws against being ignorant, so the Police cannot accept any 'harassment' complaint against someone like that unless they take that behavior a lot further than just being rude and bigoted.

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    Hes probably just being an overly protective neighbor.... There's a few predominantly white neighborhoods around my area and when black some of my black friends go through their everyone becomes edgy and a little more cautious.... Just the typical stereotyping. You don't have anything to be worried about.

    The guy is an **hole but there's not really much you can do about it. You cant really charge him fory harassment nor racial profiling.

    These are both difficult to prove and you do not have sufficient evidence to prove him guilty of a crime. and a white judge is most likely going to take his side as an overprotective neighbor.

  • Why can't we be friends?

    The color of your skin doesn't matter to me.

    Profiling is real white people get profiled too if they look poor, but are in a well to do neighborhood. There are other reasons, but racism is still real also.

    I don't think the police will be coming by or anything. They probably know this guy is a bit off. Chances are he calls the police with insane stories on a regular basis.

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  • ummm that is a good one.. it depends on the attitude of the police in that neighbor hood.,.. they may ignore it.. but if the police in that area are racist yeah your flagged.. especially if you are in the south particular texas they do it all the time.. I wouldn't say anything to him.. just make sure you are not doing anything illegal and all of your paper work is up to date then there is nothing you can do when they pull you over and why doesn't it matter if you are driving a lexus.

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    Visiting your friend isn't a crime. Then again, an old man writing down your plate number isn't a crime either. Grow up & get over it!

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    that man is probably just jealous. dont be worried, hes probably just some poor shmuck trying to find the smallest little thing to get some money.

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    what an asshole. dont worry about the dumbass. u should go write down his license plate.

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    Perhaps they realized you were a Y!A troll.

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