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What is there to do on Yonge Street in Toronto Canada?

My family and I were thinking of going to Toronto. We are considering going to Yonge Street. What kinds of things are there to do? My girls are 12 and 14. What is there for them?

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    There is definitely a lot of shopping that can be done on Yonge St. The Eaton Centre (which is on Yonge Street) is one of the largest malls in Toronto. It is located between Queen St. and Dundas St. If you head a little north, to Yonge and Bloor, you will also find a vast number of high end shops. There are also lots of restaurants, specialty stores, etc. along Yonge, so you be there for hours!

    If your daughters are interested in science, I would recommend the Ontario Science Centre. (The paper making session is very fun.) But if they aren't, then go to Wonderland! Although this is quite a distace away from the Yonge, I'm sure your girls would love the rides and rollercoasters there.

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    I would recommend taking your girls to the theatre for a musical in town.

    Also on Yonge is the Eaton Centre Mall and Yonge and dundas square.

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    Check out and to find out what's happening in the city in the summer. There are all kinds of arts and cultural events in the summer.

    This website: lists things that are happening in Yonge-Dundas square, like free concerts and other events.

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    yonge street is like 1800 km long, what part are you talking about?

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