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date last night..should i email back today? GUYS HELP?

We met from an online dating site and last night was our scheduled date. He was on time, and seemed a bit nervous( so was i) lol yes it was an awkward date. When we first met, he didn't hug me,it was like a oh hi and a smile and i didn't feel like he was interested in me as a woman. weird feeling but then again i dunno

not sure of him because i' ve been out of the dating scene for one year and he's the first date so far.

I paid for the date(bowling) after we went out and talked for a while and then he had to go to work, i felt he was looking anxious so i ended our date by telling that i know he had to leave to get to work..i had to ask for a hug goodbye

SO he emailed today( although i gave him my number?) saying thanks for the treat? huh

and have a nice day

now how in the world should i answer email or should i ignore him until he calls me

btw the dating site lets you know who's been online so i can't hide the fact that i checked the message.

I'm confused here,

I was going to relpy: I had fun last night AND YES I WON!!(JOKE) and hope you're having a good day too

I guess i will have to see what happens here coz i have no real sign from this guy.

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    he seems shy and still learning to be comfortable around you or women in general. some guys wont act until they get a definite sign. so i would go with your original reply. just give a minute to get comfortable.

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    give it an email that sparks a responce that would make him respond to you as a sexual goddess. find out his real bones and where he wants to put it. test his prudidity, then see how many dates hes into before he thinks he knows what he wants. everything is hit and or miss.

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