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Nick Cannon the new bad a** of rap?

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this made me laugh


@my name is, I cant even imagine nick cannon fighting lol

Update 2:

@joel, its business from the Eminem Show

Update 3:

@lollipop, Eminem lived in a damn trailor park and in a city full of blacks, Im pretty sure Eminem has been in way more figths than nick cannon and could destroy him, i mean come on now, nick cannon was born rich, he never lived in the damn ghetto hahaha

Update 4:

@lollipop, Detriot City isnt a ghetto hahahaha are you serious, Eminem can take an *** beating, I mean he was a white boy in a black man world, you dont think he got his a** kicked for that lol

Nick Cannon has never even been in a fight, youre the main reaso why girls should stay in the kitchen, oh and I heard the timer go off for the dryer fold my clothed ho*

Update 5:

and now you say he only disses pop starts, but um lets see

Ja Rule



Royce Da 5'9



and now your boy Nick Cannon, so dont say he doesnt diss anyone but chicks

Update 6:

yes Im unejumacated hahahahaha

but I had a 4.2 gpa in highschool and have a full ride to the University of North Florida and Im a freshman who starts on a damn D1 soccer team, your right

Unlike you I had to work in life, things wrent handed to me, but youll realize when mommy kicks your spoiled a**out

Update 7:

Exactly lollipop if you really dont think detriot isnt a ghetto talk to KK, the dude lives there and I mean look around, everyone thinks your a dumba** just stop now

Update 8:

Oh so they bought you a house thats nice, so your nothing but a spoiled bit** you will never have to wrok in her life, hey just like Nick Cannon, no wonder why your backing him up, good for girl, you must feel good to know your mommy and daddy have done everything for you while your lazy a** has done nothing and one day youll realize how worthless you are to this world hahahaha have a good night who**

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    I'm sooo scared of nick cannon.

    I might not go to bed tonight...

    what does he do anyway besides mariah carey

    wildn' out has been canceled for a minute

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for one Eminem lived in a trailer park in 8 mile NOT inner city Detroit just because he grew up with black friends who were from the inner city doesn't mean he can actually fight. And just because Nick Cannon was born rich doesn't mean that he can't. Plus Eminem is skinny as hell now because of all of that running.

    but if it came down to a battle of words Eminem can rap. Nick Cannon just can't.

  • 1 decade ago

    I just hope if it comes 2 blows theres a camera near by running cause theres nothing Id love 2 c more the Nick Cannon gettin dropped. I saw a thing on TV with him and he was talkin bout how he grew up in the hood and I was thinkin I seen him on Nickelodeon when he was like 5 what a hard life hes a true g lmfao hes a f@gg3t

    btw lollipop is a perfect example of y people who dont know what they r talkin about should just stfu it saves them from lookin stupid like lollipop is right now

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually Eminem would get his azz wope by Nick. I don't think Nick Cannon would let a white boy wope his azz LOL

    @purplepeopleeater: Nick Cannon lived in San Franciso with latinos, so he knows how to fight. Eminem used to get beat up by white bullies in high school. Nick Cannon was not born rich, there was a special about him and Akon and how they used to live before becoming famous. Nick Cannon lived in the ghetto. The trailor parks can never compare to the ghetto in toughness, even if he was surrounded by blacks

    @Bladerunner: Eminem couldn't even take Lil' Wayne, he can't fight. That's why he sticks to dissin' people like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, he knows he couldn't take on a real rap battle with someone like Birdman. While he's making a diss song, they come in the studio and kill that white boy

    @purplepeopleeater: sexist much? Um, in Detroit blacks live in projects, not trailor parks and "black man's world"? Sounds like someone is on a 1st grade education. BTW, I have a maid and a chef, I'm not poor like you must be, I don't get my food out of the kitchen myself...

    @purplepeopleeater: all those people are either unknown to most people or have no careers anymore. That would be like Lil' Kim dissing Mc Lyte or you for that matter. No one either knows them or even cares (the beginning and the latter can be applied to you probably)

    @purplepeopleeater: didn't mean to get u "worked up", but your wrong again: my parents haven't kicked me out. They bought me a home too when I turned 19 so LOL

    also "wrent" isn't a word LOL; maybe 1st grade is too much for you HAHA

    @puprplepeopleeater: you said Detroit wasn't a ghetto, I said blacks lived in projects, not trailors so it sounds like you can't spell and have memory problems LOL

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is hilarious lol

    Purple: as a man living in Detroit i must say Detroit is the definition of ghetto.

  • 1 decade ago

    But Nick Cannon is HEILLAARRRIOUSSS

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wow i could kick nick cannons ***

    edit:wut song is this

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you guys are dumb nick cannon has been trained kung fu or some **** he could beat up eminem if he wanted to

  • 1 decade ago


    are you kidding me!?

    nick cannon couldnt even whoop his own azz if he tried.

    and you think he could take eminem

  • 1 decade ago

    wtf? lmmfao

    i wonder who would win that fight...

    @purpleppleater- i could imagine nick attempting to bych slap eminem, miss, hit a wall, and start crying.

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