What do you consider an Oscar upset and why?

I know most people probably couldn't care less about the Academy Awards, but for some reason I still do. Probably because I plan on becoming a film historian. Here are what I consider big upsets:

1993 - When Tom Hanks' performance in Philadelphia beat out Liam Neeson's in Schindler's List. I sympathized with Hanks' character and, any other year, I probably would have been okay with the winning, but Neeson's performance was superior and it still brings me to tears every time.

1998 - Shakespeare in Love winning Best Picture. REALLY?

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  • Peach
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    1 decade ago
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    this past year I was bitter about Wall-e's score being beaten out by Slumdog Millionaire's. I understood them winning song, but score? No. Wall-e's was amazing

    I was also annoyed that Slum Dog took best sound mixing over the dark knight.

  • 1 decade ago

    1996 - Cuba Gooding, Jr. winning for Jerry Maguire over Edward Norton for Primal Fear or even William H. Macy for Fargo. Edward Norton was brilliant in Primal Fear, his performance had Oscar gold written all over it, but Cuba Gooding, Jr.? I'm sorry but, to begin with, Jerry Maguire shouldn't have been near the Academy Awards. It's simply just another cliche romantic comedy and Cuba's performance... anyone could have played that role just as well or better. Sure, I can admit Gooding was perfect for the part, but the Academy isn't hosting a "here, you were perfect for the part so take this Oscar" category. I mean COME ON, people!

    2003- Sean Penn winning for Mystic River over Johnny Depp. Yes, Sean Penn is an amazing actor and I think Mystic River is an amazing film, but I believe that anyone could have portrayed Penn's role. Johnny Depp however, actually created a character with Jack Sparrow, which is something that not every actor can do. Definitely Depp should have taken that one.

    1997- As Good as it Gets I really don't think that this film was Oscar worthy. It's nothing special in my opinion. I think Matt Damon should have won for Good Will hunting over Nicholson.

    I have a lot more, but I already feel that list is a bit long. I often wonder what the Academy was thinking when they made some of these choices because well, WOW!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The biggest upset was 1974, when Al Pacino lost to Art Carney. Find me something that compares to this one.

  • LilyRT
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    1 decade ago

    big ditto on Shakespeare in Love

    here's an older one that still blows my mind--Gregory Peck for To Kill and Mockingbird beating out Pete O'Toole for Lawrence of Arabia. yes it was a great movie, and yes peck did a great job as Atticus. But was that role anywhere near as difficult as what O'Toole did with Lawrence? Peck had to stand there, deliver his lines clearly and scowl appropriately every once in a while. But, when you looked in O'Toole's eyes, you actually believed he was going insane. still bugs me...

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