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heavenlyhope777 asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

designer dog names, opinions please?

What the deal with people on here automatically cutting some one down because they use a designer dog name? If a person gets a god/puppy from a shelter.....or lets say some one had an accidental breeding..or a what ever the reason.....and they wanna call it a poma-poo or what ever mix it is instead of a mutt....I don't get what the big deal is...I really don't. I mean honestly if I adoptedd a a poodle and pom mix, I would rather call it a poma-poo then "mutt" the designer names sound cuter...and no, I don't think they should be bred on purpose...

I guess my point is....instead of being sopessimisticc about these names..which obviously help sell dogs....why arent shelters using them to sell their dogs? there is always a silver lining..and i think instead of assuming a person is a bad person because they call their dog a designer name is really bias and judgmental.

Agree? don't agree? and why?

and for pity sake, please be civil


rotten have obviously never loved a you call them "mutt" just the way you talk about them makes them sound worthless and degraded.... you are exactly my point on why calling them a mutt doesn't help them.....

Im not saying we should pay hundreds of dollars for them.....I don't agree with i already stated.....but the term a word that make you think less of a dog then if it had a purebread name...or a designer dog name....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The problem is in many cases people don't understand that these "designer" dogs are from mills and BYB's and purchasing them furthers the problem. Becuase of that a lot of people hate to here those terms. Also sadly many people wrongly think a cockapoo is a real breed instead of a mix. Personally I could careless what people call their mix as long as it's a rescue and not bought. And I agree that shelters could start using these names because they do sound cuter than mutt or mix we just have to be careful that people don't start to think they are a breed instead of a mix.

    Since people are sensative and usually assume that someone talking about their pomapoo bought it, it might be benificial for people to stress it's adopted for example. Ask how do I potty train my rescued pomapoo. Just a thought. But again for me as long as people are rescueing instead of supporting BYBks and mills/stores I could care less what they call it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have a pomeranian/ chihuahua mix,and when people ask me what breed he is (which they often do) I say mutt. Mutt is not a dirty word, it is accurate. I will certainly not call my dog a pom- chi.

    Calling dogs (even rescued ones) by those cutesy designer names only reinforces a lie. A lie told by BYB's and puppy mills to get ignorant people to shell out thousands of dollars for mutts. I do love mutts, or mixed breeds if the term offends you, but mutts should never be bought, only adopted. A shelter using the cutesy names only keeps the public misinformed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Calling a mix by a designer name legitimizes the unscrupulous actions of backyard breeders and puppy mills. It reinforces the idea that you can customize a dog to fit your whims, that dogs are products, that dogs need to be changed around to fit the desires of consumers. I'm sorry, but if dog hair bothers a person that much, there is a lot more about dogs they don't like.

    Don't use "mutt" if it bothers you. I personally refer to my dog as a pom/papillon mix or just pom mix. People who love dogs don't mind the word mutt. Peopl who need to call their dogs something ridiculous like "Paperanian" to make themselves feel better about their dog don't need to own dogs in the first place.

    On a side note, most cats are randombred, the cat equivalent of mutt. Yet nobody feels that their cats are less because they don't have some doofus designer name to slap on them. Interesting.

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    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I agree that it's wrong to judge a person for using a "designer" name, if you don't have all the facts. A lot of people have shelter dogs & use the "name" as a shortcut to typing out every breed in the mix. I can understand that.

    Still, in my opinion, when folks who "know better" use the names, it gives legitimacy to the people who are doing the wrong thing- deliberately breeding them and act like they are a "new breed". I try not to "judge" but I do think if someone wants to educate people, it's better served if you refrain from using the nicknames.

    If shelters started using all of the designer names, or tried to label every single mutt they had with a designer'd just add to the overall public mis-conception that these are legitimate breeds!

    Already there are too many people who think that a "Puggle" is somehow BETTER than a "Pug/Beagle mix". Most shelters consider it their responsibility to *educate* the public. So if they buy into the designer dog naming trend, they aren't educating anybody.

    Besides, a name shouldn't determine the "cute factor" of a dog. The dog's appearance doesn't change whether you call it a Chiweenie, a mutt, a Chi/Dachshund mix or call it Pimplefacetoewart.....the dog is still cute, LOL.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't agree with using those dumb cutesy little names because it is a marketing ploy used by the bad breeders. Why not call it the mix it is?

    Here is an analogy- using water and vinegar to clean with. If someone sells a simple vinegar and water solution as "Super Duper Magic Cleaner" and charges a bundle for it, you would think they are being misleading, right? If I then use my own vinegar and water mix to clean, but tell a friend it is "Super Duper Magic Cleaner" with no explanation, they think that brand is great and may go out and buy it, instead of me telling them it is just vinegar and water and they know it is readily available cheaper. I don't give the liars of "Super Duper Magic Cleaner" free advertising if I just say what it is.

    If a person wants a "labradoodle" but does not want a Lab Poodle mix, then they have some things to learn and consider before getting a dog.

    ADD: Mutts are lovable and great dogs, but that doesn't mean they need stupid names! NO ONE here has EVER said that mutts are bad dogs except for stupid trolls. The regulars just advise against paying money for them [other than adoption fees], and calling them stupid names.

    A well bred purebred is worth more money because they are predictable and healthy (part of being a good breeder means health tests, mutts are not automatically healthier). ALL pets are priceless to their owners, but that doesn't mean they are worth money.

    To tie that back with my analogy- Vinegar water could be a perfectly wonderful cleaner, but that doesn't make it right to sell it for 5 times what it is worth and make it sound like it is something more than it is.

    Now, if a manufacturer was able to make a vinegar water solution that not just anyone could make, then it may be worth something. It wouldn't be just as simple as mixing vinegar and water and sticking a name on it though.

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  • Noctis
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Ok how does this not make sense...

    "Oh what a cute dog, what breed is it?"

    "it's a Yorkie-poo."

    "oh wow thanks, I'll keep that breed in mind."

    Get it yet? And then they come on here searching for yorkie-poo breeders. Mutt is not offensive. Calling something by w/e-poo is, and its disgusting. Also, it give the idea that these mutts are breeds and so they will look for breeders. It does nothing but help the designer dog fad continue.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Unscrupulous people use these stupid names to charge ridiculous prices for a mutt. When you breed 2 separate breeds together than it is a mutt so call it that.

    I mean....come on do you not think Dorkle, Brotweiler, Morkie are just a little stupid for a mixed breed or mutt.

    It is a mixed breed dog and is not worth more money because some stupid name is attached to it.

    You are full of total BS. I have had countless mutts and have loved each of them. I just did not see the reason to name them something stupid.

    How dare you judge me, you are the one not being civil for pity sake.

    Furthermore mix breeds, mutts, crossbreeds, heintz 57 dogs have been sold, rescued, adopted for years without some stupid name attached. But they were priced accordingly and called what they were.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The term Mutt is NOT a bad word, sheesh!!! Or it wouldn't be my ID! My dog is a mutt too, and so are my cats...though a mutt cat is called a moggie...


    It's because Poma-poo's aren't real, so...they don't use the name. Mixed breed is fine too, just not any designer thing. Because designer things...are not real.

    Source(s): mutt
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  • 1 decade ago

    Many users frown upon using designer dog names because it reinforces the "hybrid hype." So-called designer dogs are typically bred by BYBs who use trendy little monikers for mutts. A mixed breed is a mixed breed - calling a dog a "Yorkiepoo" or a "Puggle" sounds more established than your run of the mill "Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle mix" or "Pug x Beagle mix." By calling the breeding by another name, it distracts potential buyers from the fact that the dog is just an overpriced mixed breed. I mean, really - who would fork over hundreds of dollars for an untested mixed breed puppy? ... Oh, wait. (cue eye roll)

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  • I HATE the term ''mutt''. I even got so mad i asked a question saying why are mixed breed dogs called DIRTY FILTHY MUTTS? My dog is a pugeranian(pug Pomeranian) and i like to say he is a designer breed. I think shelters pretty much sell dogs. Most of the time they are even mixed breeds for like a 250 dollar adoption fee! If maybe they reduce prices people would wanna adopt more. I bought my Designer dog Rambo a pugeranian for 100 dollars. I looked at the shelter and for me adopting a pomeranian mix it was 450! Mabye i would have adopted if they prices were a little more affordable. I like saying pugeranian instead of mutt. Its not like every mix breed puppy came form a puppy mill . Some dogs were so called mistakes or accident litter. I think there is no bad thing about calling your dog a Designer dog. My dog Rambo is a Pugeranian and i feel proud saying that.

    Mixed breeds ae as cute and as smart as any pure breed. If you think about it pure breeds were made by mixing breeds together so if you think about it all dogs are sorta mixs. They were wolfs but now they are totally diffrent dogs. So arent pure breeds mutts to then? They are not wolves. So Pomeranian or Border Collies or Labradors is a Disnigner name for a dog too?

    Person 1 ''AWWW your dog is so cute what breed is it''?

    Person 2 '' My dogs a mutt''

    Person 1 '' Oh ok, I ment what breed is it''.

    Wow what a nice conversation. Lets see the next conversation.

    Conversation 2

    Person 1 ''AWWW your dog is so cute what breed is it''?

    Person 2 ''Oh my dogs a pugeranian''

    Person 1 '' THATS SO CUTE''!

    Person 1 knows the dogs name has ''pug'' and ''pomeranian'' saying it together means a mixed breed of the pug and the pomeranian. It sounds nicer and cuter and more enviting when you say Pugeranian or poma-poo its a better way of explaining your dog Instead of saying mutt. If i dont wanna say pugeranian i say Pom pug mix or pug mix. Its the same thing. Call your dog anything you want.

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