Who here is a Unity Fan?

and do your beleifs lean more towards shia or sunni.

Im wondering if there are any unity fans in here, with shia beleifs. Thanks
Update: @ Koranist: I think you're dumb.
Update 2: @ NA2SA: You're a Wahhabi. I've seen some of your answers.
Update 3: @ Esra: Did I say I am one?
Update 4: Amally: Ive seen the majority of Unity Fans who follow sunni beleifs but never seen a Unity Fan who follows shia beleifs, so Im wondering if shias want to unite with the sunnis or not.
Update 5: @ Reem: You are very sweet and thanks for your nice answer.

I beleive in shia and sunni unity too but I dont like the wahhabi's (which are neither sunni nor shia)
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