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Who here is a Unity Fan?

and do your beleifs lean more towards shia or sunni.

Im wondering if there are any unity fans in here, with shia beleifs. Thanks


@ Koranist: I think you're dumb.

Update 2:

@ NA2SA: You're a Wahhabi. I've seen some of your answers.

Update 3:

@ Esra: Did I say I am one?

Update 4:

Amally: Ive seen the majority of Unity Fans who follow sunni beleifs but never seen a Unity Fan who follows shia beleifs, so Im wondering if shias want to unite with the sunnis or not.

Update 5:

@ Reem: You are very sweet and thanks for your nice answer.

I beleive in shia and sunni unity too but I dont like the wahhabi's (which are neither sunni nor shia)

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    I preached about being a unity fan some time ago. Unity fans are not liked by various Muslims because they seem to support those who get oppressed more rapidly. For example, if a Sunni Muslim insults a Quranist, the unity fan would defend the Quranist but not the Sunni Muslim. Therefore, the Sunni Muslim would feel humiliated and will dislike the unity fan for not supporting his insults. This is just an example, I hope I have not offended anyone.

    Unity is a strong term to express what all human beings desire. I have been preaching about being a unity fan with my eyes closed and my ears blocked. The truth is: we are helpless and cannot unite Muslims with other Muslims. Our words are worthless and insignificant to their ears. They rather stand up for their beliefs (which is acceptable, but why use offensive language!) and make a mockery of the person who has exposed/insulted them. Unity fans only have one motive: to make Muslims be peaceful human beings again.

    Muslims nowadays are dissolved in pride and ignorance. They rather walk around freely, pointing out the negative things in people. They are too narrow-minded to accept others for being unique and for holding different beliefs. They rather be judgemental and forget to judge themselves before judging anyone else. They also claim that they are enjoining and forbidding evil. Enjoining good and forbidding evil should not be done disrespectfully or offensively. Rather, it should be done in a peaceful manner.

    Allah (Swt) has declared in the Quran that mankind was created to be one. Unity fans are trying their best to remind Muslims to stay united with other people and act like brothers and sisters in Islam. But it is a shame that Muslims have become so narrow-minded that they will only accept people of their beliefs to be their only brothers and sisters.

    What has this nation come to? I sometimes wonder what Muhammad (Pbuh) would think. But then, his disappointment and sadness would not match up to Allah’s (Swt) sentiment. I treat everyone as my brother or sister in humanity. I wish they would do the same with me. I have done my part of trying to unite Muslims with others, but they choose not to listen. I admire all the unity fans for their courage and concern. May Allah (Swt) bless their sweet souls.

    I may be a Shia Muslim but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t want unity. I dislike the way some Muslims have generalised that ALL Shias curse the companions. I have never in my whole life cursed any of the companions, I leave it as it is, and it is not my job to ask Allah (Swt) to eliminate someone from His mercy.

    Only Allah (Swt) knows my intentions and if I am erroneous in anything I say/do than I hope He forgives me and guides me to the right path. When I say that I love all my brothers and sisters in Islam, I really mean it. But lack of support is what is really testing my patience. If Muslims act like this in real life, than I wouldn’t have been a unity fan. But I know for a fact that the internet is where all Muslims come to rant out their anger and share their perspectives.

    If you want to unite; unite only for the sake of Allah (Swt). That is my motive.

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    I am a unity fan.

    Unity being based on coming together on the things we all agree on. Not changing those beliefs in where we differ in order to unify on those. It's unlikely two people from the same system of beliefs are capable of uniting on every single thing, and just as unlikely two people from two different systems of belief can unify on everything. That's not the point of unity. The point of unity is to hold firm to those things we do agree on.

    There is only one God, Quran is the word of God, and all within the Quran is truth. If a person agrees with this, I am in unity with them whether they like it or not.

    I don't lean either way, I stand up straight. Or, if I do lean, it is towards individuals who are respectful and give insight on any one topic, rather than insults and pointed fingers. Pointed fingers don't change the person who is wrong, it serves only to place oneself in their own mind above them. I call that arrogance, not spreading truth in order to benefit others, regardless of whether it comes from a sunni, shia, or anyone else.

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  • The concept of the "unity fan" opposes the teachings and the understanding of Islaam of the Sahaabah.

    The Sahaabah, who understood Islaam best, did not tolerate innovations in the Islaamic creed or in acts of worship, because they knew such things were major sins, and from the worst of affairs. Also these innovations if left unchecked, lead mankind into major shirk. (This is how Shaytaan led the people in the time of Prophet Noah to shirk).

    Please see:

    "Is this Islaamic?";_ylt=AjSmQ...

    and see:

    "Unity and Division with regards to Innovation in Light of the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him"

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    I want unity - because that is what Allah SWT wants from us, as instructed in the Holy Quran.

    I am part Sunni, part Shia, part Sufi.

    I take the Truth wherever and whenever I find it, without personal prejudice or predilection.

    I believe in submission, tasleem, acceptance...


    but I have a strong dislike for the wahabi/salafi/neo-khawarij creed, for they stand for everything that I find beautiful...

    - they do not have a sense of sanctity and sacredness of persons, places and times,

    - they do not respect the Holy Prophet SAW,

    - they justify violence, militancy and killing of innocents,

    - they destroy arts, culture and dialectic intellectual tradition,

    - they suppress women,

    - they systematically doctor books, intellectual dishonesty.

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    Allah loves Unity among Muslims

    I believe UNITY on TRUTH

    Allah loves TRUTH

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    I'm Sunni, but I'm not a unity fan. I am disappointed in unity fans. Anyways, are you trying to figure out who to cozy up to or what?

    Yes, there is one user. Her name is Reem, she is shia and wants unity with Sunnis. But the other shias claim they want unity then openly curse the companions so I think they are confused.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a unity fan, based on quran and hadith,which prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) ordered us in his last sermon on 9th zilhaj.

    but not at the cost of , Tawheed of Allah, hadith,sahaba's love etc

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    The cowards are. Lets wage Jihad on the Unity fans.

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    Unity is based on Truth


    Source(s): DEAD Serious SUNNI
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