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Celebrities' Circumcision Status?

I am wondering how do you know celebrities are circumcised or not unless they comment about it in a public place. I have seen in an internet that Mark Paul Gosselaar and Leonardo DiCaprio are examples of uncircumcised actors. Are there any proof(s)?

Could you tell me whether following males are cut or not? Please include an intelligent argument and/or evidence.

Jensen Ackles

Ashley Angel (A former member of O-Town)

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)

Ryan Goodell (A former member of Take 5)

Jeremy Jordan (A singer/actor. Not a porn star.)

Andrew Keegan

Jordan Knight (NKOTB)

Danny Zavatsky (A former member of No Authority)

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    Ashley Parker Angel, Jacob Underwood and Trevor Penick are all circumcised. The other two members of O-Town Erik-Michael Estrada and Dan Miller are uncircumcised. They all revealed this on the Howerd Stern show. Every male celebrity that goes on Howard Stern is forced into revealing their circumcision status.

    Nick Carter is circumcised (which means his brother Aaron is most likely circumcised as well). Nick was seen nude (or exposing himself) on a few public occasions and. Both brothers are Jewish as well.

    Jensen Ackles is also confirmed to be uncircumcised (seen skinny dipping by paparazzi.

    No information is known about Ryan Goslings status (until he finally does a nude scene or discusses this openly). However, considering that he's Canadian and was born in the 80's he's probably not circumcised. Andrew Keegan has a 50/50 shot. His mother is latina and he was born in California which lowers the chances of him being circumcised. However, his father is white and from Nebraska and Andrew was born in the 70's which increases the likelihood that he is circumcised.

    Don't know about the other guys on your list.

    Proof that Leonardo is circumcised:

    1) John Leguizamo has openly said that he along with Leo (who told him) are both uncircumcised.

    2) Leonardo has been seen nude by filmakers before on set of Total Eclipse where he appears nude.

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    I don't think such status has been crowned to anybody in this YA! However YA! all the times present the 'TOP PERSONS' personalities and I hope this getting updated from time to time. Perhaps this could be a celebrity status. Further, you may find a note 'Reliable members' in this YA! The meaning of this is not defined, as well a list of such members are not presented. So I feel, just you make an appeal on the question deleted and patiently wait for a satisfactory reply from them. I am sure, if your question were to be within the constraints of 'community guidelines' of YA!, you will be honored for airing the question in YA!

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    Jensen Ackles Uncircumcised

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    Why would u want 2 kno that

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    Probably, but I am not convinced

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    Why is it important?


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    Thanks everyone for the answers!

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