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Fun Question! Come answer TEENS!?

Adolescent's was looking kind of slow and dull, so I though I'd ask a question.

What are your initials?

Do your initals spell anything, stand for anything?

I find it funny, my initials are NRL, and my favorite animal is a narwhal.


This question is inspired by the girl on my bus, who's initals are OMG!


Go initials!

Update 2:

Btw, SHS, reminded of the Baby Sitters club - Stoneybrook High School!

Update 3:

Lol, italian princess, your intials are close to my moms. KJL

Update 4:

GMP -Gross National Product

Update 5:

Sorry, GNP

Update 6:

EWTG - Expeditionary Warfare Training Group.

Update 7:

AMJ - Academy of Management Journal

Update 8:

I couldn't find and EKL

Update 9:

JAA - Jacksonville Aviation Authority

BEC - Business Education Compact

KAH - Kingsbury Animal Hospital

Update 10:

SHS - Streamwood High School

KBC - Kentucky Baptist Convention

LAR - LAR Leaf Area Ratio

EAC - Exact Audio Copy

CJR - Criminal Justice Review

KAM - Krannert Art Museum

MME - Manhattan Marketing Ensemble

MAN - Metropolitan area networks

LMC - Lake Michigan College

Update 11:

AKW - Atomkraftwerk (German: Nuclear Plant)

SAY - Your just say :)

SPM - Scientific Pest Management

RER - Rental Equipment Register

KMW - Krauss-Maffei Wegmann

JLK - Junior League of Kalamazoo

SALG - Student Assessment of Learning Gains

SJUM - Super Jumping Unicorn Milk

VAL - Video Associates Lab

JLG - Junior Library Guild

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    SHS.. Nup, don’t spell a thing!

    M y Dad is BAS, my oldest brother is ZAS and my older brother is JAS (sucker! That’s a girls name LOL! Well not really I guess it could be Jas like Jason but we all call him Jas as in Jasmine). But if you put my Mum’s last name initial on the guys you get BAG, ZAG and JAG

    None of us girls names spell anything because we all have the same middle name (long history on my Mum’s side) so there’s just RHS, MHS, SHS, ZHS. Well they could be the initials of a High School LOL!

    Haha NRL, National Rugby League!

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    I have a friend who everyone calls Filko because his initials are FILK. Also around him we use the 'word' FILK instead of a swearword.. Like as an exclamation of shock.

    My initials are CJR. I have a friend called Cjres (where I'm from we pronounce the letter J so it sounds like a 'Y' or sometimes an 'i' so Cjres is pronounced 'Sirrez'.. Not quite Sirius but nearly..) and he goes by 'Cjr' (sire) for short, so at school if I marked my work with my initials it would ALWAYS end up getting handed back to him. I swear I never had a grade he didn't know.

    My dad had a REALLY overweight cousin who's initials were JCB.

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    mine is AAM..

    AAM American Association of Museums

    AAM Air to Air Missile

    AAM Air-To-Air Missile

    AAM Academy of Ancient Music (International Chamber Orchestra)

    AAM Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

    AAM Automatic Acoustic Management

    AAM Adventures of the American Mind

    AAM Atmospheric Angular Momentum

    AAM Anti-Apartheid Movement (South Africa)

    AAM Ann Arbor Michigan

    AAm Acrylamide

    AAM American Academy of Microbiology

    AAM American Academy of Mechanics

    AAM Automobile Association of Malaysia

    AAM Army Achievement Medal

    AAM Application Activity Model

    AAM Anti-Aircraft Missile

    AAM Agrupacion Astronomica de Madrid (Amateur Astronomy Club)

    AAM Anti Aging Medicine

    AAM Association of Attorney-Mediators (Dallas, TX)

    AAM Office of Aviation Medicine (Federal Aviation Administration)

    AAM Association of Anglican Musicians (Little Rock, Arkansas)

    AAM Associate in Automation Management

    AAM American Association of Malaysia

    AAM American Axle and Manufacturing, Inc.

    AAM Aircraft Availability Model

    AAM Aerial Achievement Medal

    AAM Amino Acid Mixture

    AAM American Agriculture Movement, Inc.

    AAM Advertising Account Management

    AAM Advertising Account Manager

    AAM Airborne Activity Monitor

    AAM Army Aircraft Maintenance

    AAM Application Architectural Model

    AAM Airfield Attack Munition

    AAM ALGOL Assay Medium

    AAM Asociación Asperger Málaga

    AAM Affected Acreage Map

    AAM Active Assisted Movement

    AAM Association for Anthropology in Micronesia

    AAM Antenna Assembly Mechanism

    AAM ATM Adaptive Layer

    AAM Automated Auger Microprobe

    AAM Application Access Medium

    AAM American Association Movement

    AAM Architecture Assessment Methodologies

    AAM Anti-Antimissile Missile


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    AMJ (doesn't stand for anything that I know of)

    I know a girl whos initials are EW lol

    To the person above GNP (Gross National Product)


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    RMB... I used to say when I was like 8 that i loved Arby's so much and that if you take out the M and add an 's after the B i would be Arby's!!

    Source(s): hahaha lol
  • SJU!!! I dont think they spell anythin...

    Oh wait a second- Nope got nothing

    Wait i just searched web, St. Joseph's University

    Sju Airport?

    Sju Basketball

    Sju hawks

    You have anything for me?

  • Anonymous
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    My initials are JLK.

    It's interesting because in the alphabet the order of those are JKL and their all near eachother.

    If you just use my first and last initial, JK, it stands for just kidding :D

    Edit: I'll google my initials...

    Ohkay then ?

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    Mine are boring. KAH. It just looks like I misspelled CAT, or when I say it like a hlaf-hearted laugh. Ruuuubish. I'd love innitials like POP or something.

    Kingsbury Animal Hospital....Lol!! I'll remember that.

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    JLG like the construction equipment

    Source(s): my name
  • luna
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    1 decade ago

    My initials are SJVM.

    *googles SJVM*

    Apparently it's a high school in California haha!

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