4 year old bed wetting problems?

My 4 year old daughter is having a few bed wetting problems at the moment, I took her to the doctor and he gave us a thing that bleeps and wakes you up when it detects wetness, but this wasn't fair on my other daughter as the share a room! So I need a few tips please, I have tried her sleeping naked, in pajamas etc. She always goes to the bathroom before she goes to bed, and i have even tried waking her up and taking her in the middle of the night, but this isn't a habit i really want to get into. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thanks. x

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    1 decade ago
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    My 4 yr old son is still in diapers at night for bed wetting. She needs to have protection at night until she gets older to control her bladder at night. Its not that big of deal, I was a bed wetter and I wore diapers at night and like I said, I diaper my son at night. Pampers size 7 diapers work really good for over night wettings too.

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    Wow gosh she's only 4. I remember I was wetting my bed when I was a child until the age of about 7 or 8. I remember the last time I ever wet the bed was age 10.

    Give her a few years and she'll grow out of it. You only need to take drastic measures if she's still wetting regularly at the age of 8 or 9.

  • Jude
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    1 decade ago

    We had this problem with my son. There are no 'easy and quick' answers I'm afraid, and it sounds like you are doing all the right things. We did take my son to the toilet in the middle of the night, and that seemed to solve the problem until his bladder matured enough to last the whole night, BUT it was hard to tell if this only made the whole issue last longer as it did seem after a while that his body got used to going to the toilet at that particular time of night.

    All I can say is, make sure you have a protective cover on the mattress and have lots of spare bedding to hand - this is a very common problem and it won't last forever.

  • Hayley
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    From your other question (about your partner leaving) I'm not surprised she's wetting the bed, it's very common for children to start bed wetting when there's a big change in their lives such as that.

    The best thing to do is not make a big deal out of it. Put her in Dry Nights or something so that you don't have to change the bed everyday, carry on making sure that she empties her bladder before she goes to bed then again when you go to bed and try to not give her too much to drink too close to bedtime.

    Praise her when she wakes up dry and don't react when she wakes up wet...she's bound to grow out of it soon.

    Good luck. x

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    1 decade ago

    if this is a new thing that's only started happening recently then there may have been some kind of change that has upset her. trying to talk to her about this may help to resolve the issues.

    but i think that what you're doing for her at the moment may seem quite inconvenient but if you keep at it for a few more weeks things should improve.

    This may sound weird but if you try and get her to hold on a bit longer before going to the toilet during the day; it will strengthen her control and help her hold more urine during the night. also doing pelvic floor excercises with her.

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    When I was young, I had a bed wetting problem. I was a sound sleeper and when I had to go to the bathroom, I would dream I got up and went and sat on the toilet and when I started to pee, I would wake up and of course, my bed would be wet.

    Maybe it is a good idea to wake up your daughter and take her into the bathroom. It may not be the ideal solution, but it beats a wet bed.

    This may get her into the habit of actually waking up and going to the bathroom when she feels the need to go. That is what you want.

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    well, do a final trip to the potty right bed for bad and dont drink in the previos hour... when u do the final trip ask if she think all the urine (pee) has come out....

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    buy her some diapers and or easy ups and put them on her before bed even through u have to change diapers. but i is a solved. you might solve.

    good luck


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