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Any advice on AR-15 Sound Suppressors?

I am in the process of buying a SUREFIRE 212 can, looking back on it, I am paying $1200. for this one can!!! Pricey!! SUREFIRE worth the money?! Anybody have any experience with silencers, what are the best ones to get, any problems associated with them? Thanks

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    This is not an unusual price for a top of the line silencer, but I am not sure how well the Surefire 212 works though. I would ask for opinions on and has some test results posted for various silencers, but this data is several years old. It shows Soundtech, Gemtech, AAC and YHM as the ones with the lowest noise level. But you also need to consider price, mount, durability, customer service and size.

    I can not afford to buy these high priced silencers so I make my own using the ATF form 1. It is easy to do on a hobby lathe after some experience.

    Do not expect your AR-15 to be less than 130 decibels. This is hearing safe out in the open, but not if you are shooting indoors or under weather protection. The AR-15 also spits more gas and debris out of the ejection port which is annoying if you are a lefty like me. They also heat up fast and if not aligned properly will ruin the accuracy of the rifle. It may be a good idea to have a gunsmith attach the mount if it does not directly mount onto the barrel to ensure proper alignment.

    I have never regretted spending the $200 tax for each silencer and making my own. It is a rewarding experience and enhances the shooting sports very much. Good luck.


    Source(s): I design and make silencers on ATF form 1's.
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    I have heard good things about AAC and Gem-Tech. Try looking under the Class 3 sections, in the Armory section at also try

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    It seems to me that suppressors (they do not silence the shot, they suppress it) are illegal just about everywhere.

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    why would you waste your money. is it really needed, no, cool looking yes, worth while no.

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