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Why does the US media brainwash Americans into thinking europe is socialist?

I asked a question, what is socialist about Europe, apart from healthcare that is different to the US, the americans that usually scream socialism, didn't answer.. Do americans not know anything about other countries and just feed off the tv all day?


European countries have said they are socialist? hear say or fact?

Update 2:

here in europe we have what you would call common sense.

If they is a party AGAINT what the other party believes in, whether their name says communist or socialist or not, the whole country CANNOT be socialist or communist

common sense, use it

Update 3:

thanks serenaz

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    that's a good question, maybe because we have universal health care, maybe we are free to travel to any country in world, maybe because we have the human rights act , which includes no torture, and no executions, maybe because the european union will one day have more market power than us , maybe because 93% will never leave us so all they know is what they see on tv

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    The countries in Europe with the highest standard of living in the world have socialist democratic systems of government ... think Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark to name just a few.

    They have excellent public education systems and their students perform well above American students in literacy, science and numeracy, they have efficient universal healthcare and social services for all their citizens and they contribute to the well being of others beyond their borders.

    It's true that their taxes are higher than those in the US where our citizens have to be dragged kicking and screaming to pay a fraction of what they pay.

    They have as many personal freedoms as we do but a lot less angst.

    They are not scared of the word 'socialism' like Americans who fear that it is the next step towards communism, fascism, nazism, terrorism, muslimism, satanism or any other 'ism' they haven't even thought of yet!

    However I don't think we should put all our blame on the media for our ignorance and the dumbing down of America. The fault lies more on our declining standards of education since the Reagan years when it was decided to spend less tax dollars on educating our children ... so sadly, I'm afraid we're now caught in a real Catch 22 situation!

    (Oh I can already feel the 'thumbs down' coming from my insensed countrymen who don't see the need to change the staus quo and who are morbidly terrified our new president is leading us all towards eternal damnation in a socialist hell!)

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    Europe IS Socialist.

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    Many in the US spout rhetoric that they heard or picked up from some blog without doing any research or even living overseas at all!

    The only reason neocons call everyone a socialist is because that they want to have their form of stealing to remain the law of the land! Anything that cuts into their massive profits they are against. They forget that this country was set up for EVERY American, not just a few! Nothing in the Constitution guarantees them any sort of economic system!

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    First, you will have to tell us YOUR comprehension of socialism so that we may understand why you do NOT think it is. The media does NOT brainwash on this issue--they AVOID it. Those of us who say it have heard the facts from people who have LIVED IN EUROPE, and many of them. Those who live it have the most credibility. Disagreeing with others based on your own unique comprehension of it doesn't mean you are right. So...

    Why do you NOT think parts of Europe are not socialist? Then we will go from there.

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    Spaniards are white ppl think hear spannish and assume they r puerto ricans or mexicans which a lot of mexicans do have spaniard in them but these retarded people don't know that spannish is just a language

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    I agree. In Britain we hear about America non stop, and I know it's probably different there however it's always helpful to know the real truth about other country's to save yourself from looking like a lemon in arguments

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    Im with wade. your as distracted as the american people, who are controlled by the banking cartel...yet scream all our problems are because of the politicians.

    there is nothin more socialized than the european union..(other than the african union, asian union, and south american union) why else would 30-something sovereign nations join under 1 "boarderless nation"?

    my beef is with the us controlled media and the federal reserve bank. the best thing to do is to turn off the tv, and read a book and actually learn about the EU who currently has a PM who was not elected by the people. As much as I dont like least the man was elected and we can still deal with the UN off our soil.

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    *"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York

    Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications

    whose directors have attended our meetings and

    respected their promises of discretion for almost

    forty years. It would have been impossible for us to

    develop our plan for the world if we had been subject

    to the bright lights of publicity during these years.

    But the world is now more sophisticated and

    prepared to march towards a world government..."

    David Rockefeller, illustrating the power elite's chokehold on the mass media,

    while addressing the attendees of the Bilderberg meeting, in Sand, Germany on

    June 5, 1991, concerning the media's role in promoting globalist objectiv

    Source(s): My Reality
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    Because they make money on hatred.

    Socialist = Evil.



    Blacks gangs=all Blacks=Evil

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