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~~Kapaá High...Kauai High....Waimea High?

Which has the BEST High School Football Team?? Are they Division 1?

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    I live on Maui, so I'm not to sure about the schools on Kauai Shell. I'll provide you with the link to Hawaii High School Athletic Association. Hope this helps you out. ;-))

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    I grew up in a very small town and High School was were all the activity was except for getting drunk and making out. I even did some of that at school. LOL It's hard to believe I survived High School and I was an "A" Student. School is were Girls were and were I played Football so I had a blast. It didn't hurt that by the time I started High school my Dad had quit drinking (He was one of the worst alcoholics I have ever seen) . Mom was still a pain but Dad and I became best friends, So I guess my view of my High school years is a little biased. The School Dances were big events in a small town that had one movie theater with just one screen, no fast food restaurants and no malls. We didn't get Rock Concerts coming within 150 miles so I didn't see my first Live Concert until I went away to college unless you count local bands playing at the Dances.

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    Bali High

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    If you really loved your son you would move to either Texas or Florida for him to play HS Football.

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    Hi Shell! I have no idea..but I could really use a tropical vacation right now..mmkay? :)

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    That's not my "native tongue"!

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