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    In Japan, usually in March each year to May when the season is the Japanese flowers. Groups of Japanese will go to reward go hand in hand with cherry blossoms, taking pictures, drinking beer, sitting on the ground and happy to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.

    This is Japan's most famous Osaka Castle, it is a long history of the ancient city, established in 1583, of course, also in Osaka, the most important indicators, the appearance of it is magnificent!

    Japan, a lot of things are very strange, I have put pictures of the things in Osaka, the Japanese love of baseball, so this picture there is a baseball player when the signs, we should have heard the Hanshin team???

    Next, this is Japanese food, I was thinking about burning the Japanese will think of octopus, Osaka burn, noodles, sushi ... and so on, to eat in Taiwan, but the taste with Japan than there are differences.

    Japan is an advanced country, they are always inventing new things in their daily lives.



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    In Japan, the period when everyone goes out for the blossom of the flowers is from the months of March to May. The Japanese would go out to see the blooming flowers, take some pictures, and sit on the ground to have a drink, and appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

    Here is the Osaka Castle, the most famous site in Japan. The Osaka Castle has a very long history as it was built in the year 1853, and it is the main site in Osaka. Isn't it magnificant?

    There are more interesting facts in Japan, the photos I put up are all about Osaka. There is a photo that shows us a baseball team called the "Hanshin Tigers". Well, has everybody heard of the "Hanshin Tigers"?

    Next, these are the deliecious Japanese food. People naturally think of takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, sushi... etc. Although we can find these food in Taiwan too, they are not as local as in Japan.

    Japan is a country that has very advanced technology, the Japanese always come up with the latest inventions.

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    打錯年份... 是1583... 對不起啊...

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    倒數第二段第五字應該是delicious, 再度致歉... 其他的沒錯了...

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