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    in response to the elderly, small children and development of social education learning mode for the elderly, the education ministries kfbg pilot parmacological University of South "elderly" short-term hosted learning projects to promote technical and vocational colleges for the elderly short-term hosted learning the necessity and feasibility.students have a wide variety of choice, but each different courses and that in the organized common throughout the course content to activities in the process, stressed that the elderly and young trainees of interactive learning.


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    For in accordance to the advanced age youngest son feminism society, and develops old person to educate the multi-dimensional study pattern, the education ministries and commissions fine south pharmacology university sets up as an experiment “old person the short-term to lodge the study” the plan, the discussion technique duty colleges and universities impels old person the short-term to lodge the study necessity and the feasibility. The student has the diverse choice, but in each kind of different curriculum subject arranges the common curriculum content to pass through the entire activity, emphasizes the advanced age student and the young student's interactive study in the process.

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