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Why am i on Finacial Aid Suspension?

I recieved 0 Finacial Aid last year. So how in the h*ll can they put me on Finacial Aid suspension? Will this affect me from being able to recieve student loans? My father lucked up and got me a military scholorship at the last min that paid for my 1st year.....My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer feb and it hit me like a brick. I became extremly depressed and withdrew from like 4 classes. I only kept two because they were easy. I just had enitirely too much on my shoulders and there was absolutley no way i would have been able to pass any of those classes. So does this mean i cant get a student loan. BTW im tranfering to another community college over the summer. Will this supspension follow me there too?


Me withdrawing caused this =/

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    I strongly suggest talking to someone in the financial aid department of your school. You probably were suspended because of the withdrawals, but sometimes officials can make an exception and reinstate your aid. it doesn't necessarily follow you. Just talk to your current financial aid department and the financial aid department of the college you're transferring to.

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    You have to have a certain GPA and complete a certain percent of all classes you sign up for. All the schools I know of have an appeal process for people to say why their grades went down and why they will not do so again, and why you should be allowed to still get aid. Ask your financial aid office how to appeal.

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  • EMW
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    You're on financial aid suspension because your course load dropped below half-time. Yes, it will follow you anywhere. However, if you register for school on a full-time basis (12 or more hours), they'll give it back, eventually, maybe even this semester.

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