who has taken the AP bio exam?

im a sophomore taking the ap bio exam on monday.

did you pass?

how hard would you say it was on a scale of 1-10?

how did you prepare for it?

any help or advice appreciated.

thanks :)

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    lol dont stress because of what the person above me said.

    I know someone who did the exam, my cousin, who isnt a genious at all or some super study freak, and he said it wasnt too bad. Abit difficult but thats like any exam

    Dont stress. My advice (i do bio) is to make sure you answer questions with biological terminology. EG

    If a question asked "What happens to a cell with a high concentration of water on the outside?" dont say something like:

    "Water will want to move into the cell because there is a higher concentration outside. The cell will get bigger"

    rather answer like

    "Water will diffuse accross cell membrane into the cell via osmosis. The cell will swell and become turgid or burst depending on whether or not it has a cell wall"

    I hope this helped. But yeah the biggest thing apart from knowing your stuff is simply putting it right. You HAVE to use correct biological language. Trust me on that one. You dont answer a question in simple words for the person who marks it will understand, you answer in the way that is needed. Get me?

    anyway dont stress, dont talk to people before the exam AT ALL. They might say things like "OH do you know about neurohormones?" and if you dont know about Neurohormones, you will be put into a state of stress for no reason, despite the fact that if neurohormones were on the exam you wouldnt lose too many marks.

    So my advice is:

    -Give sufficient time to studying and knowing the syllabus

    -Read questions and anser in biological language

    -Avoid anyone before you take the exam

    -Try to not be stressed by what the first answerer said. Remember, you might naturally be smarter than the first person who answered, meaning you wont have to study like crazy to get 4/5.

    -Just dont stress.


    Source(s): Cousin and personal experiences
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    they are F**king crazy. Your brain will be jello after your done. In my school the rating on the test goes from 1 to 5. I got 4. I passed it because I got college credit for it. I studied my book like crazy.

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