What's the weirdest dream you ever had?

Last night I had a dream that me and my friend (a friend that I always joke around with saying that we should start growing marijuana haha) we're carrying a big marijuana plant around that we were growing, and the police saw us and cuffed us up. But while they weren't looking, we gave the plant to a couple of kids and they got hi. Haha and then I woke up.

So yea, tell me some of the weird dreams you guys have had.


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Update 2:

ohh btw, when I was really young, I had a dream that a dinosaur was eating out of my back side... so yea that was definitely weird.

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    One of my weird dreams was when my mom was driving in the mountains in our old van, and we were flying everywhere because there was no seatbelts and a few other people were in the car and everyone was terrified and then I woke up, I was holding onto the sides of the bed and yeah!


    it was very weird...

  • 1 decade ago

    the dream: i'm in a HUGE room, almost like an extremely large warehouse. all the walls are white, so i can't tell where the room ends. I am tied to the frame of a bed, which has no mattress, no covers, nothing. i feel extremely uncomfortable against the frame as it digs into my back (the frame has long wooden strips as the mattress support, so it isn't a solid square). when it's almost unbearable, the frame changes into one pillow that placed just where my vertabrae ends, and despite the fact that it's a feather filled pillow, i find it as uncomfortable as the bed frame.

    i answered a question with this before: "which dream keeps coming back to haunt you?"

    i've had this dream for at least 10 times

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    I have very bizarre/scary dreams but I've had a reoccurring dream where I was in my grade school gymnasium and a huge bear got in and was chasing kids and teachers around. I was trying to calm people down and get them out but then the bear the starts coming toward me and when it's about to attack and bite me... I always wake up. * I think about it now and I'm sure the "bear" represents my parents, because in grade school they would literally eat-me-alive if I got anything less than an A. Parents are very intimidating sometimes!!

    Source(s): my crazy & deranged brain
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    This is going back many years but i was a freshman in high school and i had a dream about the senior quarterback of the Football team dressing up pink bunny rabbit outfit for the halloween dance. I did not know him or ever met him but i did dream of him that one time and to this day i have never forgot it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    haha thats a hard one my dreams are always weird but if I had to pick one It would probably be the dream I had a long time ago,

    I was playing foursquare with a couple of my friends at school and it's cloudy, so I look up and I see this giant thunder cloud and it starts talking it says, "Your dead!" so i start freaking out and I get this ziploc bag out of my pocket and shove all my friends in it (They somehow shrank) and start running towards the front of the school. So i get to the front of the school and it's now my garage and my mom's waiting for me dressed in purple overalls made of this weird metallic material, so i get in the car so we can run away from the cloud but Nick (one of the friends) got out and started rolling like a freak all over the dashboard and making weird sounds. so the other friend in the bag is all like, "I think he has issues."

    Another short dream I had was this one where I was going to this Mini Trader joes ( it's a grocery store) with my mom and my friend katrina, so we walk in and my moms all like "This is where the geico cavemen go to get their food" so we look around and we see all these cavemen from the geico commercial shopping, So I go off by myself to look for arizona green tea and this guy comes up and starts yelling at me

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    oks o my family is in a car. we are drivng by a field on a highway. in between the highway and the field is a net. The next is supposed to keep out a sickness that happened when i was only 2 years old. so id ont remember this sickness. the sickness wept through the whole entire world and the only way to keep the uninfected uninfected was to gather verybody hat hadn't been infected and seperate them from the sick ones. the govt did this. the parenstd ont want me to birng it up. i do. my father says "they are al gone so the iskness is no where left."

    so i ask "u mean al of them died?"

    he says "yes"

    then as i lok out into the filed i see a man walking across the edge of where the field meets a forest..... he is suposed to be dead accroding to my dad, beczu the disease kills...within hours.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ugh... Well I dreamed about a tsunami once and next week the 2004 tsunami wiped out about 100,000 people

    Once I dreamed about the UFO I had seen about umm... a week ago, It. Was. AWESOME

    Sometimes I dream about the ghosts in my room, and monsteres under my bed (JJ 'bout the last part)

    so yer I have weird dreams...

  • 1 decade ago

    A really long time ago(when i was in kindergarden) i had a dream that aliens came to pick me up from school, we drove down the road for a little then flew up to a cloud. There was a house on it, and they went in, they said they had to find something. Then my brother and his friend jumped up to the cloud, said hi, and left. Then the aliens said they found what they were looking for: it was an oven, and they put me in it :O

    Source(s): My first and only nightmare to date.
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    1 decade ago

    i had a recurring dream.

    my mom and i kept breaking into random houses that i have never seen before and we were looking for something important but each house didn't have it.(we weren't digging thru anything, we just knew it wasn;t there when we went inside)

    then the third night we broke into the house again and there was this fireplace with all these pictures and there was this picture of a man screaming it was black and grey.

    then i woke up.

  • 1 decade ago

    My weirdest dream. Yeah, i dreamt that there was a pig in my house and it kept biting on my right thumb. It wouldn't get off from my thumb, and I wasn't strong enough to pull my arm up, so I strangled the pig with my left hand. Yeah, weird.

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