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How do i go about getting a Canadian visa?

I am a British Citizen, aged 19. I have been in Canada now for 1 week and previously visited before and i already have a return flight ticket booked for 30th August, just in case.

I am staying with my boyfriend who is a Canadian citizen, and his workplace has offered me a job.

What is available to me ?

And how can i get a working visa while im here?

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    You cannot get any job while you are here on a visit visa. Did you come on the VWP? if yes, then anything you do may prevent you from ever using the WVP again.

    You dont say what your occupation is, but age 19 you probably have NO qualifications and probably no job experience. The boyfriends employer CANNOT hire you legally unless he is willing to do an LMO and that can take a few months.

    The LMO is where the employer MUST ask the govt for permission to hire a foreigner. The employer MUST EXPLAIN why he cannot get a Canadian to do the same job. And he must show that he is DID Advertise and did try to get a canadian local to do the job.

    During all this you MUST go home and wait for the LMO to be approved and then if it is, a work permit wil be issued. When you get that WP you can then return to Canada to work,

    BUT if you start working for this employer now, it will be off the books and illegal. You will NOT be entitled to use ANY free health benefits, You will have to PAY for all health services you use. When you get caught, you will be deported AND you will never be allowed to ever use the VWP again.

    There is ONLY one thing that can help you, and that is for you to get married to the B/F ASAP, and apply for PR status ASAP.

    BUT you will then need to rush around between Canada and UK to get all the documents you need. You also need to renew your visitor status which you can only do after you send in the application for PR.

    This can all be done in 6 months. I submitted my PR application within 5 months.

    Your BF must have either have a job, be a student on a student loan or be on EI, He cannot be on welfare - which in Ontario is called Ontario works.

    Otherwise please BE on that plane on August 30 to go home.

    Source(s): LEGAL PR in Canada
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    You need to see an immigration consultant. Yes it will cost some money.

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