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Weird dream involving me on a reality TV show, Thailand and Leonardo DiCaprio, what does this mean?

Okay, it starts of, I'm in with my family in Thailand. We're on vacation, but here everyone seems to know me. I don't know how. They all speak English, and the instead of being Asian, they're black, some with African accents, others with American. We go out to eat dinner. A hispanic women is our waitress. She hands us our menu. She call me by my first name, but I've never seen her before. Then I see my commerical arts teacher, I ask him what he's doing there, he tell me that this is where he goes on his days off. Thailand looks a lot like my hometown. I'm walking back to my hotel which is in a run down building. It appears that I actually live here though.

A camera crew randomly comes down the stairs and Leonardo DiCaprio, who inevitably is my mentel impaired brother (sometimes, sometimes he's a normal guy) drops a red water balloon on my head. We have no furniture. He come down the stairs and appears to be normal. The guy from Extreme Home Makeover follows me around and my friends and I go to the salon. The town is run down and hilly. My mom and I walk along the sidewalks and she's tells me to be prepared, and to get water and flashlights. I see no cars on the road. She leaves me by myself. I don't know what I'm supposed to be prepared for. I'm in a party dress. A friend of my mom's pulls me in. We're blowing balloons, and stuffing goody-bags, but they tell me to wait. I'm nervous. I go home to my run down house. The light go out. I wake up.

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    This is not dream which can told any message , but it comes because of your thoughts about such things in the real life .

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