A question about IQ testing, and the groups that seem to do the best on them?

Okay; we all know the hype about IQ tests, and even though i've read several articles, and even watched genius types say they are poor measures of intellect, and even less of intellectual potential, i will adress them because humans have yet to come up with a better litmus test for measuring the pallet of mental capabilities one is endowed with.

I'm going to specifically adress the staunch proponents of the idea that IQ test are infallible, that is, they accurately reflect the intellectual capabilities of all those it tests. In which case, intelligence would go:

Jews (Eastern Europeans) > Asians (including Indians) > Whites (Westerns) > Blacks

Answer this; "how can you make accurate, non-biased, deductions from such tests, if you don't test ALL the groups, under the EXACT same conditions"


Guppies: LOL; what part of the statement "test everyone under the same conditions don't you understand"

Here are some factors that influence how high someone scores on an IQ test:

-Prenatal care

-Early nutrition

-Early childhood stimulation





-Type of IQ test taken

-Retaking the test several times

-socio-economic status

taking all these into account, do you really think that a proctor who administers the same test to an Ivy League educated Jew, and a farm boy in sub-saharan African, is actually looking for accurate measures of intelligence, or is out with an agenda

Update 2:

Rikku: I'm not complaining, i scored slightly above average. As a Black, i should score lower than average, no matter my level of education. I'm not asking this for me, i already know the answer. I just want to inform others on the nature of the test

Update 3:

Here is a clip of a genius (a white one so you don't think i'm being biased) who even states the fallacies of the test; listen to the whole clip if you have the time, if not, fast-forward to 20:00

Youtube thumbnail

Update 4:

Anosharahim: Dude, i SWEAR this time around i'm not being racist. I'll admit last time to using faultly examples of people with high IQ's ; that being said, if you think i am lacking of 100% Black people who fall into the genius category, i'll provide some shortly

Update 6:

I don't feel like writing out the biographies of all the Blacks depicted in the photos, so just look up:

Randall Pinkett

Ben Carson

Melvin Williams

I don't know the last one, but just type in "African-American surgeon general" into a google search engine

Update 7:

Anosharahim: I understand your statement among the NUMBER of geniuses among Blacks. But given all the factors i listed above , can't you put two and two together. That being said, also ask yourself this--WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA

The answer: Whites; one could argue Jews. Now, taking this into account, if you are in a position to control perceptions of certain groups, hypothetically speaking, even if there are an equal number across all groups [of geniuses] , don't you think you will focus more on yours, and downplay, and sometimes even completely ignore, geniuses among other groups. Black geniuses in majority White countries like UK, U.S.A, etc are subject to the biases of the majority, so there is a limit to the prestige they will acheive. A lot of the times, people believe just as strongly in perception, as they do facts

Update 8:

Asians have the benefit of being within their own countries, which have just currently come into super-power status, so they are free from the mental, cultural, and educational shackles imposed on some Blacks , espescially in the U.S. Blacks do not have this luxury, because the brunt of the top notch educational facilities , healthcare institutions, among other things, are outside they're countries. Geography, by itself, does not help the development of Africa, neither did colonization, and several foreign interests that are willing to go all out to hamper attempts , among Africans, to form the African equivalent of a European Union

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    your classification is wrong because indians scored 82 on the iq test. and it honestly does not matter. yes there are few genetic ties behind it since african americans still scored lower than whites (85,100). there are no clear explanations to why one group scores higher than the other. if you test all of these people under the same conditions there will still be a group that will score higher, on average, than others. trust me.

    edit: why are you quick to defend blacks when someone says they have a low iq but you are always bragging about black accomplishments? you honestly try too hard to make your race seem superior and you always fail.

    edit: are just so desperate at this. i know who is in the video. let me guess, it is marilyn vos am i right? you are always using her as an example. you surely did not have any problems showing the child with the highest iq who is only 1/2 black did you? i am glad people like you are not the ones running this world because i cannot imagine how terrible it would be.

    edit: no i do not think that. every race has geniuses. blacks just have the lowest number. it does not mean they are dumb, it just means there are less geniuses in blacks than other races. that is all. you want to make a difference? do it yourself. relying on others' accomplishments only shows your own weakness and insecurity. hopefully you can understand that.

    edit: putting two and two together still have a chance of one pair being more successful than the other, even when they are working on the same project. do you go to school? that is a good example to look at. when you join a group on a specific assignment everyone is working on the same thing with all the given materials. will everyone score the same on that project or experiment? no because every mind thinks differently.

    you are forgetting that since the US is a mainly white dominated country that it will seem as if they show exclusively white accomplishments when in reality it just happens that there are more whites so there will be more successful people from their group. blacks are always being recognized. even more so than other minorities. just look at obama. he is only half black yet the media is always talking about him. martin luther king, malcolm x, djimon hounsou, kanye west, lil wayne. are they not being recognized? it just depends on the way they present themselves. the first few had a cause but the rest are hip hop artists. how can one have more geniuses if they are usually in sports and music?

    now look at asians, indians, arabs. most of them are business owners and college graduates. many of them even go to ivy leagues. yes even jews are in the same category as them. a small number of them are in sports and music but more in science and engineering fields. that is why they have more geniuses. different people have different thoughts. there are still many of people in these groups in sports and music industries but they have a smaller number in comparison with blacks and hispanics. on the other hand, blacks, and hispanics as well, have a smaller number of geniuses compared to the groups i have listed. it all depends on the area you succeed in, not always genetics. that is what you should be saying. not praising one race while stepping down on what others have already accomplished.

    edit: asians do not have a super power. even china has many of its weapons built by russians. chinese are dirt poor in many areas except for shanghai which is metropolitan. and even then their money is coming from foreign companies being there. there are not many asian company owners even in asia. africa has no one to blame for their problems but themselves. if they let the europeans help them and stop saying that whites are stealing from them then they would have been developed by now. look at equatorial guenia for example. they are rich because they let the europeans at least help them a bit. and even for them the people are either very rich or very poor. it is not too stable.

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    I can't buy into the "group" concept. All "groups" have a wide spectrum of mental capabilities. For that matter "mutts" have some shining examples as well. There is also the additional X factor of the "good day / bad day" performance characteristics so obvious in humans.


    Because most variation in IQ occurs within individual families, not between races, the whole "group" idea makes no sense to me. As much as labeling and grouping people goes against my personal philosophy, I have provided a couple of links on this subject for your consideration. I can see by the amount of work you've put into this question that you are concerned that people claim correlations between different "groups" and IQ test results. Perhaps there is some information on the websites below that will ease your concerns.

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    I need to strongly disagree on ethnic background being a major influence on your IQ scoring. If anything, family orientation will influence a score based on your focus on study or learning to choose books over TV. The reality is that family and heritage my sway the score, but we are talking about 10 to 15%. True genius is true genius, and while many people may create and self name themselves as super genius, even that is skeptic. True Genius is Einstein, while super genius in my days of teaching is a combination of 140+ IQ coupled with highly accelerated social and speaking skills (street smart may be the best slang to describe). In my days of teaching over 25 years, and with a 147 IQ score myself; I have only met one person who had the ability to accomplish both. A student I taught, (Giovane) John DarConte scored a 176 and had more "street smart" than anyone I have ever met. Although my common sense is basic, in following him and his interaction with the global societies, I would argue he may be savvier than IQ smart, and at 176, that is impressive. To me, this is the most powerful combination there is, and his background was not of Jewish, Asian, Black, he was a mix of Italian, Polish with traces of Persian and Spanish. The flip side of this is a withdrawal from an abusive and threatening society, but that would be better discussed in separate forums. While his combinations of skills makes him a “super power” as oppose to a “super genius”, the world seriously out numbers him, and if history will show anything, larger numbers usually over power smaller groups, no matter the level of sophistication.

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    3 years ago

    IQ = 100. half above 100 /half below 100. the average in the world is 100.

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    1 decade ago

    You took the test and that's what you scored. Why are you complaining now?

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  • its true blacks have an IQ of an monkey... scientifically proven.

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