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when was the last mission built?

my sister is doing a mission report she needs 2 know when the last mission was built. - thanx

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    Missions are being established all the time, all over the world. You don't say what missions you're asking about...

    I know the Spanish Missions in California are famous, so I'm going to guess this is what you mean. The last California Mission was San Fransisco Solano, and was founded in July 4, 1823 by Father Jose Altimira.

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    we are there deffending the peace... we additionally take the duty (a notice libs hate) to assist rebuild a u . s . that has purely been by rather confusing situations... could the plan have been to easily flow in... take out the dictator and terrorists... and then flow away the rustic in shambles and ruins? consistent with probability that's the liberal viewpoint... yet conservatives have compassion for others and notice extra healthful to assist them rebuild.... definite companies will make money doing it... (maximum companies do make money... additionally they hire human beings) BTW... i presumed it grew to become into massive undesirable companies like Haliburton who have been doing the construction... no longer our troops...

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