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I don't see this Goth/Post Punk band mentioned here, has this band been forgotten...?


Hey Shredder what's up? I hope your work on your music is going to work out good for you. I have The Bolshoi too.

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    I like them a lot (Theatre of Hate). But yeah your right I don't see them mentioned much. As far as Punk gone Goth or Post-Punk I prefer The Bolshoi

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    that was their one hit wonder but I really love ALL their work


    Hello to you too! Its going great my friend thanks for your concern :D

    I figured you had heard of them in fact I was almost sure I just thought I would still mention them. =)

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    No offense, but I think you have to be known to be forgotten. Goth/post punk isn't exactly the hot topic in rock and pop.

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    There are a few who are into that music here...But it isn't a really known subgenre here.

    I like them. I wouldn't say they're in my top 5, but I enjoy their music.


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