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Sertraline(Zoloft) experiences and side effects?

If I agree, I'm getting a prescription for Sertraline on tuesday. I'm willing to try this, heck if it makes me feel significantly better it'll be worth it, but I'm wondering about side effects. Specifically whether it will cause me to gain weight; I've had issues in the past with weight gain and eating, and so will it inhibit weight loss/ make me gain loads of weight? Also, I read somewhere (no idea how reliable this is) that it can have the 'zombie effect', I'm not particularly fond of the idea of losing what personality I have, is this true?

Um, so basically, I'd like to know how it went for you, and which side effects (if any) it had, and its effectivity. I'm under 16.

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    I have major depression and have been on MANY antidepressants, including zoloft. Unfortunately, zoloft did not work for me. I had to do combinations of different meds to feel better.

    One of the first things to realize is that people can react very differently to psych medicines, including zoloft. What works wonders for one person might have lots of negative side effects for someone else. So if someone highly recommends zoloft or wellbutrin or lexapro, etc., please don't assume it will work so well for you.

    It is unlikely that zoloft will make you gain weight. Actually, one of the main side effects of wellbutrin is weight loss. I was on it for 2 years and lost about 20 pounds.

    One of the main side effects of zoloft and similar meds (prozac, paxil, celexa, etc.) is loss of interest in sex and difficulty in having an orgasm.

    Almost any psych med can make someone feel like a "zombie." All I can tell you is that you will have to try zoloft and find out if it makes you feel that way. There's no definite way to know about the "zombie effect" until you try the drug.

    Please keep in mind that negative side effects tend to come early after taking a new med. However, they often disappear early too. The positive effects of zoloft are usually felt 3 to 6 weeks after starting. Sometimes you have to wait 2 months to feel any positive effects.

    Sometimes, with drugs like zoloft, people feel negative side effects early in treatment and give up the drug before the positive effects start to kick in. If you really want to go the medicine route, I suggest hanging in there for at least 2 months. Don't get too discouraged if you feel side effects soon after starting the drug---unless the side effects are really bad.

    Research shows the combination of psychotherapy plus medication is more effective than therapy alone or drugs alone.

    One of my most effective antidepressants is exercise. You might also want to check out alternative medicine approaches to depression. Best wishes.

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    The mood swings might not be from the anasthesia, but from some of the other drugs they pumped into you. You need to talk to the surgeon, the anasthesiologist, and your own doctor. If your emotions are out of whack from the chemicals, maybe there are some dangerous physical side effects going on too. I haven't had emotional side effects from surgery, but once I had a bunch of acne after a minor procedure. The dermatologist told me to call the doctor and get a list of the drugs I'd received, and she pointed out one as the likely culprit. My advice is to get a written list of everything they put into you. Then consult a pharmacist, psychologist, and internet and think about other side effects.

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    I gained weight from it, but my dr said it is a lot more common for people to lose weight on it. Lots of people don't like that zombie feeling, I personally like it, but I haven't had it on Zoloft.

    The first poster is right, for the first few weeks you may feel worse and like you want to kill yourself. It goes away once it starts working, I promise.

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