What are your first impressions of me ?

go ahead, say what you think. Just be honest

I look really rough and tired in this picture...ohh well...
Update: Lol, yes it was taken with a Sony Ericsson (Y)
and yeah...I was knackered when I took this pic :D
Update 2: appologies for not smiling, but i dont have much self confidence :(
Update 3: Ohh, just to let you know Im Irish (and pround to be)
Update 4: Ohh, just to let you know Im Irish (and proud to be)
Update 5: Im nearly 16 in this pic :D
Update 6: and yes...I am single and have bee all my life
Update 7: add me one msn,
(email me asking for my msn) ;-)
Update 8: I have hazel-brown eyes...not blue ones
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