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Who do most people support when their city has multiple teams?

Who do the people from New York Support?

1.) NFL - Giants or Jets?

2.) NBA -Knicks or Nets (they are from Brooklyn and are coming 2010-2011)

3.) NHL - Rangers or Islaners

4.) MLB - Yankees or Mets?


1.) NBA - Lakers or Clippers

2.) NFL - Rams or Cardinals (who do most support?)


Sorry I meant Rams or Raiders.

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    1.) The Giants and Jets are probably an even split but Jets fans are louder and more outspoken, thus giving the appearance of a larger base.

    2.) Used to be the Knicks but they are so woeful now the Nets.

    3.) Rangers

    4.) Yankees

    Bonus Answer

    5.) MLB Chicago.................goes to the Cubs of course.

    Los Angeles

    1.) Lakers by a long shot.

    2.) The true split is between the Rams and Raiders, not the Cardinals because they are considered part of Arizona, though the Raiders did play in LA. Now that the Chargers might move to LA, there are prob. a lot of Charger fans as well.

    3.) Dodgers vs. Angels...........Dodgers.

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    Whoever your parents support and you grew up liking. My boyfriend is from Brooklyn and he likes the Giants and the Mets.

    Most people in LA like the Lakers just because they like to be bandwagoners and win.

    I live in Arizona and everyone here is a Cardinals fan- just because they started in St.Louis decades ago that doesn't matter, they are here now so the people in AZ mostly like the Cardinals and the people in St.L mostly like the Rams.

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    Dude the cards are MLB bro

    but good question

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