Okay got a question about Sailor Moon...?

I haven't seen the show in many many years. Darien went to meet Zoisite at the Tokyo Tower to give back what again? He took something the last time they show each other, but I can't remember what.


Wait! He took a few of the rainbow crystals didn't he! How many did take (if that's what he took)...?

Update 2:

Sorry this is probably a lame question. But's its been bugging me lately.

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    According to WikiMoon, Zoisite had five of the rainbow crystals, so Mamoru would have had to have two.

    And on the page for the 7 Great Youma, it tells who got which crystal exactly and who they were inside of:

    * Gesen -> Crane Game Joe -> red -> Zoisite

    * Boxy -> An unnamed priest -> orange -> Tuxedo Mask

    * Bunbo -> Ryo Urawa -> yellow -> Sailor Moon, then Zoisite

    * Binah -> Yumemi Yumeno -> green -> Zoisite

    * Rikoukeidar -> Reika Nishimura -> blue -> Zoisite

    * Jiji -> Rei's Grandfather -> indigo -> Zoisite

    * Bakene -> Rhett Butler (the cat) -> purple -> Tuxedo Mask

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    Yeah he took a few rainbow crystals but I think he had about four or three...can't recall ^^;

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