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anyone ever been to catalina island?

Is it nice?

I wanna go mid-june

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    no i was about to go but i couldnt for reasons ya ....

    Santa Catalina Island, California

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    Santa Catalina Island

    Channel Islands of California


    Santa Catalina Island, California (California)

    Location Pacific Ocean

    Archipelago Channel Islands of California

    Area 74.98 mi² (194.19 km²)

    Highest point Mt. Orizaba (648 m)


    United States

    State California

    County Los Angeles

    Largest city Avalon (3,127)


    Population 3,696

    Density 49.29/mi² (19.03/km²)/km2

    Santa Catalina Island, often called Catalina Island, or just Catalina, is a rocky island off the coast of the U.S. state of California. The island is 22 miles (35 km) long and eight miles (13 km) across at its greatest width. The island is located about 22 miles (35 km) south-southwest of Los Angeles, California. The highest point on the island is Mt. Orizaba (648 m), at 33°22′29.7″N 118°25′11.6″W / 33.374917°N 118.419889°W / 33.374917; -118.419889.

    Part of the Channel Islands of California archipelago, Catalina falls under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County. Most of the island is owned by the Catalina Island Conservancy.

    The total population as of the 2000 census was 3,696 persons, with almost 85 percent living in its only city of Avalon (pop. 3,127, with another 195 south of the city outside of the city limits). The second center of population is the unincorporated town of Two Harbors, in the north, with a population of 298. Development occurs also at the smaller settlements Rancho Escondido and Middle Ranch. The remaining population is scattered over the island between the two population centers. The island has an overall population density of 49.29/mi² (19.03/km²).

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    [edit] History

    Santa Catalina Island, location relative to the coast of Southern CaliforniaPrior to the modern era, the island was inhabited by people of the Gabrielino/Tongva tribe, who, having had villages near present day San Pedro and Playa del Rey, regularly traveled back and forth to Catalina for trade. The Tongva called the island Pimu or Pimungna and referred to themselves as the Pimugnans. Archeological evidence shows Tongva settlement beginning in 7000 bce. Chief Torqua was probably the last chief of the people of Santa Catalina for whom "Torqua Springs" is named after. These Pimugnans had settlements all over the island at one time or another, with their biggest villages, most likely, being at the Isthmus, and current day Avalon and Emerald Bay. The Gabrielino/Tongva are renowned for their mining, working and trade of soapstone which was found in great quantities and varieties on the island. This material was in great demand and was traded along the California coast and as far south as Baja California.

    The first European to set foot on the island was Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, sailing for Spain. On October 7, 1542, he claimed the island for Spain and christened it San Salvador after his ship (Catalina has also been selected as one of the many possible burial sites for Cabrillo). Over half a century later, another Spanish explorer, Sebastian Vizcaino, rediscovered the island on the eve of Saint Catherine's day (November 24) in 1602. He renamed it Santa Catalina to honor the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria.[1]

    During the next 300 years, the island served as home or base of operation for many visitors, including Russian otter hunters, Yankee smugglers and itinerant fishermen. Among these visitors, the Aleuts of Russian Alaska probably had the largest effect on the island and its people. These otter-hunters from the Aleutian Islands set up camps on Santa Catalina, and the surrounding Channel Islands, trading with the native peoples in exchange for permission to hunt otters and seals around the island for their pelts. The Aleuts brought diseases to the natives of Santa Catalina Island, for which they had no immunity. This, ultimately, led to the demise of the Pimugnan people. Although these hunters had been known to lead attacks on the native people of surrounding islands, such as the massacre that took place on San Nicolas Island, there is no evidence on this happening on Santa Catalina. (See Nicoleno). Sea otters are now extinct on Santa Catalina Island and surrounding waters due to the effect the Aleut hunts had on Santa Catalina's otter population. These brutal hunts took place for months, with the slaughtering of close to one hundred otters in one night.[citation needed] Today, the only s

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    I enjoyed Catalina Island. It is very scenic and a great place to vacation. I took an inland island tour and saw free-roaming buffalo. Also took a glass bottom boat tour. They have parasailing and snorkeling there, too. I would go back there for sure. It's much better to do a day trip there, although you could spend the night if you want.

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    1 decade ago

    It's a wonderful place to visit. I took several tours on the island, like the inland island tour, which takes you where there are free-roaming bison. It's a great experience.

    I also took a glass bottom boat tour and did some parasailing. They are both plenty of fun.

    There are no cars on Catalina Island, so it's very nice and clean. The beaches are good and clean, too.

    You can also take a waking tour or snorkling tour on the island.

    Catalina Island has great scenic beauty is worth the trip.

    Source(s): Visited Catalina Island
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    Many times. It's beautiful. The ferry ride is great too.

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