What happened to David Cook?

Daughtry's first album was huge, and so is the single off of his upcoming second album. Cook just seemed to crash and burn with his first album. What happened? Does he need more time?

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    For those who have not linked to David Cook Official, I'm bringing this over from the billboard thread on that site.

    'David Cook' is the best-selling album by a new artist this chart year by a significant margin. (Lady Gaga's 'The Fame' is #2, and she trails Cook by 415K units sold since the Billboard chart year began with their 12/6/08 issue). It was, at last tally, the 7th best-selling album of the chart year overall, and is one of only 8 albums to sell 1 million+ units chart year-to-date.

    Times have changed. It has become much harder to sell millions of albums. By today's standards David Cook has done very well.

    I have no doubt his stature and popularity will to grow. Every live performance yields new fans. He is one of those rare artists whose live performances are even better than his recorded performances. Try to catch a live concert. You'll be in for a real treat.

    Source(s): davidcookofficial.org
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    There's many differences between both albums. Daughtry's album came out when the economy was doing MUCH better, album sales in the industry are down now as a whole.... you can't really compare their positions...

    Also David Cook's album has been certified platinum already so I'm not sure I'd say he crashed and burned.. and he's still selling well. His current tour has been extended with sold out shows he's touring with his band all over...So I think we still have to wait some time to decide how much of a success he is.

    Just to put things in perspective David Cook's debut is the best-selling album by a new artist this chart year by a significant margin. It's one of only 8 albums to sell 1 million+ units chart year-to-date (info from davidcookofficial.com)

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    Apart from the fact that David Cook and Daughtry are quite different, I have to say David is doing great! I wish people who answer these questions actually knew what they are talking about.

    WiTcH's answer is correct. His CD has gone platinum (1 million copies sold) in less than 3 months. He went to the Middle East to play for the troops. David is currently on tour in the US to sold out venues. And the tour is called "Declaration" tour.

    He's traveling to the Philippines next week to give a concert together with David Archuleta. He hasn't canceled the tour but extended it. He only canceled two shows a month ago to spend some time with his brother Adam who sadly passed away on Saturday May 2nd. while David had just finished a show in Florida. He went ahead and run and chaired the Race for Hope in Washington, DC early Sunday morning, a fundraiser for brain cancer and announced his brother's death in his speech after the race.

    If you want to know everything about David you can visit www.wordnerdhome.com

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    David Cook has a platinum selling album and is presently touring the country with his band. He currently has three songs being played on the radio. His tours are selling out all over the country. His album is still in the top 100 billboard and has been out since November. He is still selling albums. He did not "crash and burn" at all. He is currently the biggest selling new artist this year.

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  • His CD didn't have much of a advertisement. And he is taking a break as of currently and he canceled his Light On Tour because his brother Adam Cook passed away Saturday May 2, 2009 after battling brain cancer for 11 years.

    I love David Cook. He is the best singer ever and his CD is my favorite CD ever. He is my favorite AI contestant ever and he's just perfect!!!!

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    Hm, this sounds like a Daughtry fan deliberately baiting Cook fans. And succeeding in getting people to take the bait. I don't get Idol fans. Are you only allowed to like one musical artist at a time or something?

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    He is back on tour now, but it is a smaller college tour. His album went platinum a while ago as well. We haven't seen the last of him.

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    Well his brother just

    recently passed away

    so for right now

    he is probably just taking a break

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    Oh my god! his brother died! How horrible. I'm sorry, but I still listen to him. Wow. Poor david cook. :((

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