Why is being called a female an insult?

I know this has been brought up time and time again, but what better place to rehash than Yahoo! Answers?

This question popped in my mind while answering another question. Why is being called a female when you're a male an insult? When guys are sensitive or scared they're considered "p***ies" or "sissies". And if they fail at some sport it's always "You throw like a girl!" or "My grandma/baby sister/paraplegic mother could catch better than that!". Being accused of having "feminine" traits seems to be the highest form of insult for a guy, except for maybe being accused of being gay (which usually coincides with being "feminine" anyway).

And yet, when females show they're capable at something that's usually considered a "male" thing, they're congratulated for being equal to men. I guess what I'm really asking is, why is being a female or "feminine" considered such a horrible, offensive thing?


I really hope so, Zxaranthium. Right now, though, it seems like this crap will never end.

Update 2:

I can see where you're coming from, but you know, maybe the guy just sucks at sports.

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    Heh. I understand what you mean. I've been called a girl several times. A girl even named me Rachael. No offense taken on my part.

    The reason is because I am sensitive to other peoples' needs, I am courteous, respectful, tolerant, etc. You know, stereotypical "girl" stuff. I'm not a brute who sits around bashing on people, talking about my latest sexual conquest, getting drunk every night, etc. You know, stereotypical "boy" stuff.

    The reason I found out is that when she was growing up, that's the view forced on her by her social structure. All men are insensitive brutes. When she comes across someone that doesn't fit that type, then she is taught that they are "feminine".

    Up until the mid-1900s, you women didn't have many rights so you're going through a lot of new changes in socio-economic restructuring. A lot of past stereotypes are now beginning to no longer make sense because they don't mean anything like they used to. You should start to see them phase out in your life-time or change and become good meanings. Kinda like how cowboy went from being an insult to being a good thing to be.

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    It is also insulting to attribute the actions of a woman to manhood. The general point being to emphasize the difference. It so happens that it is readily noticed when it is like an insult, like the, "you throw like a girl," bit. (Pointing to physical strength which bf factual scientific extrapulations has been agreed upon that the female is the weaker sex - muscle mass etc)

    If a woman acts like a jerk she is accused of being a man because "jerk" is personified as male!

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    A V8 performing as if it is a 3 cylinder is mocked.

    A 3 cylinder performing as if it is a V8 is applauded.

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    Because women suck.

    There, I said it; isn't that what you were getting at?

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