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How are Football team names decided?

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    There is no one set way to pick a team name. Just look at the NFL:

    -- "Packers" because the original sponsor of the team was a meat packing company.

    -- "Steelers" because of Pittsburgh's steel industry.

    -- "Browns" after the founder of the team, Paul Brown.

    -- "Cowboys" because of the cowboy association with Texas.

    -- "Ravens" because Edgar Allan Poe was from Baltimore, and one of his most famous poems was "The Raven."

    -- "Cardinals" because of their "cardinal red" jerseys.

    Others borrowed or adapted names from existing teams in other sports:

    -- The Washington Redskins were originally named the Boston Braves, after the baseball team that was in Boston at the time (it's the same one that's now in Atlanta).

    -- The Bears modeled their name after the Cubs, and the Lions did the same with the Tigers.

    Some team names are historical. "Cincinnati Bengals" was the name of a pro team that existed in the 1930s and 1940s, and the current Bengals used the name as an acknowledgment of the older team.

    Some names are meant to instill fear, like the Raiders.

    Some names just have a nice alliteration, like Jacksonville Jaguars.

    The list goes on and on ...

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    Back in the mid-90's, Memphis was a finalist for an NFL team that went to Jacksonville and Carolina. They named the team the Hound- dogs by write in vote to the newspaper. It was in reference to the Elvis song.

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    A group of important people have an intense tournament of thumb wars...whoever wins gets to choose the name of the football team

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    They are usually submitted to a committee and then like the top 3 are chosen and then voted on by the fans in the particular city, state, or district.

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