Why woman who have their own voice(own views) are called STRONG headed woman?

but why not men


akela this is your way to put a woman down

Update 2:

akela this question is posted in INDIA so you dont expect we are here to master in english we are using english as our communication language because yahoo doesnt allow us to write in hindi.

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    It's a form of intimidation. It's a way of suggesting that normal for a woman means not being educated, not being articulate, not having views. The American Taliban are just as rigid as the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban -- they are fascists and sexists and afraid of honest competition on a level playing field.

    They better ramp it up because women in USA now make up about 65% of our graduating university classes. Maybe in the Appallacians and the Ozarks they could dig some caves into the mountains, get some burkhas, make their women wear those, no more of this education stuff -- it makes the men look like what they are (cavemen).

    As a trial lawyer, I have had my share of experience with truly strong women -- some were clients, some were co-counsel, some were opposing counsel, some were judges, some were in the Congress, or at the Pentagon. In general, they were superbly competent. I represented many brave women and their kids.

    If a woman isn't strong-headed, she quickly becomes sheep-headed. Society will step forward and mold her with its plyers. She will lead the life of a slave, a doormat, a tool, a toy, a pet.

    Having one's own voice is not the same as being stubborn to a fault. It's hard to make a deal with an inexperienced attorney whether male or female. They don't want to give an inch -- they don't want to look weak. The fool notices only the women who are like that and then says something scornful about them. The wise man knows that all beginners are like that, and thus says nothing, just works around it quietly and affably. One cannot be a pussycat all the time (as Coco Chanel -- a strong woman once said -- and she did create tens of thousands of jobs for men and women in Paris, New York, San Franscisco, and Flyover Country).

    It takes more strength to be a strong woman than to be a strong man. My yard guy is a strong man. If he had to endure what many actually strong women endure to make a place for themselves in the world, it would crumble him to bits, there would be nothing left but sobbing little globs of protoplasm.

    One of the folk singers -- Judy Collins I think -- in Bread and Roses said the "rising of the women is the rising of the race". This is deeply true. Any deeply true statement can be mined for the philosophical gold it contains -- there's gold in that remark.

    In Mississippi the most backward state in the USA women are disrespected a lot. In Connecticut, the most advanced state in USA, women are very rarely disrepected. Culture creates destiny. Prosperous cultures tend to treat women as a non-issue -- they are just people -- on a totally level playing field -- you go to Norway, or to New Zealand -- you are better off just not noticing which person is a woman and which is a man, unless you are looking for a date. The sex of a person should always be a non-issue outside the family and the singles bar. I've served with women on warships, and darned proud to do it -- saw the smirking lowlife persons on the ships -- and I gave those rednecks the eye of rebuke -- and was senior enough so they knew I could make it stick if they persisted.

    Yeah, strong headed -- like Dorothy Parker, like Gloria Steinham, like Oprah, like Anais Nin, like Barbara Boxer -- Yeah -- let's have more like that -- the rising of the women is the rising of us all!

    All the best,

    Gao Bwo Fu

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  • 4 years ago

    Not that you will understand this, but it takes a lot more strength to save a marriage than it does to pick up the phone and dial a divorce lawyer. Her strength is obvious in dealing with her husband. It's also obvious that they have found a way to move past this. The affection they show each other cannot be faked. Just as we could see the tension between them during the Lewinsky scandal, we can see the love and affection between them now. Hillary's got a backbone of steel. I'm always amused by people who bring this up. They have no conception of what is inside anyone's marriage but their own, if they are even married themselves at all. But they routinely make a big deal out of this as if they know what Bill and Hillary have gone through, in private, in their darkest moments or what they had to go through to save their marriage. When this comes from Republicans it's twice as amusing considering so many of them are counting on a candidate whose personal life reads like a cheap novel. But that's okay because he's a conservative lol.

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    1 decade ago

    I presume that English is not your Mother Tongue and that what you're asking is - Why is it that only women, and not men, who have their own views, are called "strong headed"?

    Well, the word for a "strong headed" man is not too polite, you see.

    People are usually more polite when it comes to the ladies, don't you see?


    the Lone Wolf


    I'm sorry, but was there something I said that's ambiguous?

    I am presuming you are a lady, so....

    Honestly, I wonder what's this thing about "putting a woman down"?

    We are raised to be more gentle with the ladies, you see, by our mothers who just happen to be ladies.

    Having a sister who is younger to me, I know what it's like to be whupped by the li'l hellion who knows I can't hit back. [Though we all love her for what she is.]

    And if you think our wives are docile like the cows, think again. Almost all the ladies I know are what you might called "strong minded".

    It's just the Liberties they enjoy that give them these privileges here which might seem rather "foreign" to you; but, may I assure you that we are not "putting them down".

    So, if we are a bit more caring and considerate to someone based upon the gender, what's wrong with it?

    The general word used for an opinionated guy is, usually, an a**h*le; and we wouldn't baulk at calling him that to his face.

    Would you rather we called the ladies that?

    I don't think so.

    So, what's the issue, then?

    That we shouldn't accord the kind of civility to ladies?

    You might notice that I and some of my compatriots do not use the term "woman" as freely as you people who are not Native English Speakers.

    That's because of the connotation that using the terms "the female" or "that woman" have in English, the nuances of which, I'm sorry, but it's true, evidently escape you.

    I don't mean to be patronizing, but, unfortunately, it's a fact that a discussion would be very embarrassing to us on these lines.

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    Called by whom? If by women, then they haven't yet ventured to discover their potential and have remained ignoramuses. Opinions of such people deserve to be ignored.

    By men? Then such opinon is a product of jealousy, realisation of own weakness, age-old superiority complex and a host of negative traits. Such opinions are to be cast away and discarded.

    Original thinking and expressiveness are not prerogative or birthright of any one gender. This country had Brahmavadi as well as Brahmavadini, as is evident from the great debates recorded in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some men like strong willed women. Some want "slaves". Like all else seek what you want from others, and give them the same. There is a secret balance in knowing how to please each other. It really is no secret at all.

    Sometimes a strong woman will get on her knees for her man. It is all about when he needs certain things. Or when she needs certain things.

    When I say knees, it does not have to be all about sex. That is only part of it.

    Being best friends is what makes the foundation strong. Constant work.

  • 1 decade ago

    My dear Banjaran...

    That's quite simple....and unfortunately falls back on the double standards, stereotyping and categorizing due to the socialization process in (western) society.....

    No one would "object" of any "man" standing up for himself....voicing his opinion....and stating his point of view in a "dominant" manner....but....when women have a strong character....they receive such a label......GRRRR !!!!

    But...times are changing....just check out HOW many "strong-headed" women are political leaders, presidential advisers, Chancellors, etc. - Strong-headed women are on the "for-run" and the men better "watch out".....-smile- Sending you strong-minded greetings via the EAST with all my love....Annette+***

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    Cause the mentality is still, that women should not think for themselves but have men think for them. And if a women takes charge and has a voice, many strive to bring her down. Some people just haven't changed in this area.

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    1 decade ago

    Because there's a double standard. Even though women outnumber men in our society, we are conditioned to believe that men naturally have more social status than women do.

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  • I don't think it matters what anyone calls us. We are who we are, as individuals. We have been blessed with the same stuff (well almost) as men. Name calling is so archaic!

    If we are to be 'judged', then let us be judged as a human being, just like everyone else. We all have something to contribute to the good of mankind. :D

  • 1 decade ago

    This is because of the socialization process that starts working from our childhood and makes us believe in stereotypes dictated by patriarchy.However things are changing for the better.

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