is there anyway I can view my DD214 online without paying for it...?

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    use the link, they will have it to you in about 2 weeks

    Source(s): mine took about 10 days
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    Dd214 Online

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    Dd-214 Online

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    Not via the military. When you out process they usually give you your DD 214, ask you if there are any errors and then have you sign it. Then they give you the official copy of it for you to keep. They often recommend that you take it to the country recorder's office where you end up and get it recorded, so you can get an official copy just by going to the recorder's office. If you did it where I did, you can view the DD 214 via the county recorders website. But if you did not go to the recorder and lost your DD 214, then you are going to have to go to all the work of getting a copy of it. Have fun with that. The recruiter knows how to get a copy, all he has to do is tell you how to do it then you do it. In general, if you get separated for a health problem then you will not be able to get back in unless you can prove the health problem has been resolved and will not occur again. Pretty hard to do with a "mental" issue.

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    If you're Army, you can visit HRC (Human Resources Command). If your unit's PAC clerk is/was high speed, your 214 may be there.

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    Anthony forgot to mention you will get two copies at no charge.

    Source(s): Went to and it took less then two weeks.
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