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What are the most irritating things you've heard as a Veg/Vegan?

1. You are going to have an iron problem.

-Uh no. My iron levels are higher than they were when I was eating meat. You can fine iron in leafy greens.

2. Well they don't hurt the chickens that lay eggs.

-WHAT!? Yes they do! The sear off their beaks and whatever disease and injections the chicken has gets passed through her eggs. Just like a mom who snorts coke her whole pregnancy gives birth to a coke baby!

3. I drank cows milk and I'm okay. My kids will be fine.

-Well good for you! I don't want milk filled with fat, puss, and hormones. Thanks.

4. You are going to get sick, pasty and your hair is going to fall out.

wow, what veg.vegans do you know with those problems? They must have a DISEASE or they aren't eating the right foods.

There is more. I just get so irritated when people ask me about being a vegetarian and then get defensive about it. I'm not elitist about it either. They say, oh what do you eat for protein? Meat is the only thing with protein! I say "well I get my protein through nuts, almonds, ect" It's like they instantly turn defensive and spit back something like "Well it's not as good as cow protein!"

Ugh! I can't stand it. Anyway, tell me about the most irritating questions or statements you hear about veg./vegans


If you raise your kids eating meat it's okay, but if you raise them any other way you are forcing your beliefs on them. Eating meat is not natural! We can't kill animals with our bare hands. Therefore it's not natural. We had to make tools to hunt them. Do you see lions with tools when they hunt zebra? NO! It's natural for them!

I'm sure at one point in the human history meat was safe to eat. Now it's disgusting poison filled heart attacks waiting to happen. I'm not going to feed my child crap. Sorry. I'm not doing it to be cool. I'm doing it to be healthly.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    My favourite is: We see animals do it, so it must be ok, its the way of nature, animals eat other animals and we are top of the food chain.

    To which i reply: "I have seen a lot of animals clean their arseholes with their tongues, it seems to be the natural way, how about you go clean yours and get back to me on the natural way of things."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Our very own NJ'z has given us another annoying comment made by those who consume meat: if a cow had the chance it would eat you! No, it really would not. Cows don't eat meat.

    I had someone once ask me that if someone was holding a chicken sandwich in one hand and a chicken in the other and they told you you had to either eat the chicken sandwich or they would kill the chicken right there in front of you, which would you do? Haha, I thought that was very amusing. Either one dead chicken, or two? I wonder what most vegetarians would choose...

    I have to admit that the whole you won't be healthy as a vegetarian thing really bugs me. Especially since most of the people who tell you that will say it as they have a plate of fried food in front of them. I've spent plenty of time researching nutrition for vegetarians and I feel quite healthy, much healtheir than when I consumed meat and knew nothing of the vitamins and minerals I needed, so thanks for the faux-concern, but no thanks.

    I do have to say, most people just let it go and don't get all fussy when they find out I don't eat meat, dairy, or eggs. But, there does always seem to be that person every once in a while that just can't let it go.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hahaha! isn't it so annoying when people think vegans/ vegetarians are really unhealthy? ( i was a vegan for a few months when i was around 12 but then i went back to being a vegetarian i was one since i was 6 or 7 yeah i know really young) People always says how can you live after all that time without meat/ why are you alive, and how can you be tall your a vegetarian( im 5ft 6'') I just laugh at it all! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Most of the people I inform of my diet are interested by it, because most people don't really know that much about the kind of diet. There are some that just think I'm so weird and that it's not normal to live this way. I live in the deep south and people here are just so intolerant of what is different to them. I actually do not know any other vegans or vegetarians where I live. I have a couple people in my circle of friends who totally respect and have even tried it before, but for the most part everyone just thinks I'm weird. when I buy my groceries, the cashiers are always looking "extra long" at my Morning Star products, and every time I buy tofu they say, "are you vegetarian?" I have to say yes because so many people don't even know what vegan is. On my Facebook account, I have an album of pictures solely dedicated to the food that I eat. I have things on there like pancakes, vegan won-ton soup, even "meat" balls, and people are so surprised that it's not all salad! I just want people to be respectful. I don't care if you eat meat at all, heck I used to eat it. But it's not your place to judge me. This is MY life.

    Source(s): Vegan
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  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly i dont understand peoples need to impose their own beliefs on each other. Im a meat eater and i respect vegans and vegetarians. if i know that your a veg vegan then if we ever went out to eat somewhere i would do research on it before hand just so they have the same options i do when we go there. They really get a tough wrap as a group and its really a shame. Its just a healthier lifestlye choice and i respect it.

    I know quite a few veg vegans and they all have different reasons for their choices. I understand the reasons why they would convert to the lifestlye and most of them were raised on that system. But that doesnt mean im going to shove a cow in their face and say that they should eat it. It really comes down to the education. What do people know about veg vegans? Nothing really. They just assume all they do is eat lettuce and carrots and starve.

    Source(s): grr makes me angry!!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First and foremost the fact that they try and give you fish when your vegetarian and you say 'Im sorry Im a vegetarian' and then they say 'I know a vegetarian who eats fish' and you say 'well there not a vegetarian then!'

    God I have to wonder if there are a load of secret people who go round telling people they are vegetarians even tho they eat fish.

    Secondly 'what would you do if someone tricked you into eating meat?' I just say 'I'd trick them into eating something disgusting they would never want to eat' back.

    And 'shall I check if these chips are vege?' God chips are like pure vegetable! and it happens with loads of other obviously vege stuff.

    I was raised a vege but I'm long since grown up and left home - and no my parents did not FORCE me and they are not FORCING me now, it is actually proven to be a more healthy diet.

    And the most common one - 'You need to take supplements for protein ect and take extra care with your diet'

    - no you don't even people who eat meat get less than half their protein from meat and as being vege is healthier and cutting out meat is cutting out alot of **** from your diet you actually need to worry less about what you eat.

    Source(s): Vege all my life - still got all my hair, play sports, not a scrawny little stick. Plus my doctor is vegetarian too and he also laughs at the uneducated wifes tales that silly parents tell there kids to get them to eat up there dinner and they grow up believeing it in contrary to all facts.
  • YSIC
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I invited a friend over for dinner (and he knows I'm vegan). He asked me to cook meat and I refused. I told my mother about the situation and she said that I was forcing my beliefs on him. Not sure how that works out considering he was coming to MY home and was well aware of the type of food I eat (and had been over for meals many times before), but I guess that's what she thinks we "crazy" vegans do is preach.

    My mother also told me that sheep "need to be sheared" and couldn't understand my aversion to wool. I tried to explain to her what the poor sheep go through and for some reason, she still thinks its justifiable. I politely asked her not to buy me wool products and she thinks I'm crazy.

    I also hate it when people say things like, "All vegans are pale and skinny".

    I happen to be black and very athletic. Not only am I not pale, but my muscle tone puts most of the meat-eating women at my gym to *shame*. I just hate stereotypes!

    I've had people ask me, "what do you eat?" To which I reply, "Food" and give them a sideways glance. What do people think we eat? Special vegan space-age food or something? Get a grip. Dead animals are not the end-all of sustenance. (Thank GOD!)

    Thanks for letting me rant! Star for you.

    Source(s): happy vegan
  • ssrvj
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    There was a caricature in a leading Medical Journal in Mid sixties(1965-68);-A sick person lying in an Hospital couch,emaciated-with green foliage growing out of his head,a carrot from his nose,spinach from mouth and some or other herb from every part of his body--implying Vegetarian food/or herbal medicine would lead to disease--

    Today(2009) there are articles that red/white meat is the culprit for Cardio(Heart)--Cerebro(Brain) Vascular (clot) accidents(heart attack-stroke) neo-plasm(Cancer)--"Free-radicals" etc and all kinds of terrorising diseases like mad-cow,swine-flu,chicken guinea and you name any common animal that is eaten as food,there is a disease associated with that.

    On the Herbal side there are reports about Crude fibre-cellulose-(preventing colon-cancer-) anti-oxidants blocking "Free-radicals" etc.

    Suddenly(after several 1000s of years) people started becoming "Buddhaas"--showing "concern" for "Cruelty to Animals"--"Humane Killing" bla,bla,bla

  • I totally hear the "I could never give up CHEESE!!"

    How weak is that? How brain washed into to thinking that their life would not be worth living without a slab of cheese a day!

    But what I really hate is when people find out your veggie/ vegan and then try to pick a fight with you. I have NEVER been a confrontational "meat is murder" veggie, if asked I will give the facts but I never forced my choices on other people, but they ALWAYS use it as an opportunity to give me an impromptu nutrition lesson..**snigger**

  • 1 decade ago

    Haha, excellent question/discussion!!

    My personal "favourite" is the whole "you need to drink milk to build healthy bones". Green leafy veg is a MAGNIFICENT source of calcium, but no, you'd rather I drank the milk of a cow - the milk she only makes for the purpose of feeding her calf???? That is the most disgusting, nauseating idea I can possibly think of (on a par with eating eggs). We are the only species that drinks another animal's milk. These pro-milkers wouldn't drink the breast-milk of another human - to me, it's the same thing. Bleugh.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not as irritating as it is hilarious:

    Them: "You'll get weak as a vegan!"

    Me: "Is that why I can out-lift you...or lift you at that?"

    As for mother keeps sending my links to information about people who use veg*ism to cover up an eating disorder, but she knows I'm into bodybuilding and therefore eat all the time...I don't know what the deal is with that, but she's my mother and I love her.

    Outside of that, the most annoying thing I actually hear is at work.

    Person: "I need to get a protein powder."

    Me: "Okay, what are you looking for it for? Any requirements? What are your goals?"

    Person: "Oh, it's just that I'm a vegetarian, and I want to ensure I'm getting enough protein."

    Me: "...yeah, trust me, you're getting enough."

    One guy actually replied with this: "I'm a vegetarian...well, sometimes. And on the days I don't eat meat, I eat tofu. I just want to ensure I'm getting enough protein!"

    Me: "'re an omnivore and you're worried that you aren't getting enough protein? Sir, don't worry, you're fine. I'm a vegan and I am into bodybuilding, and I don't have any trouble getting my protein."

    Guy: "Are you SURE you're getting enough protein?"

    Me: "Well, I increased my deadlift by 75lbs in 2 weeks...yeah, I'd say so."

    Guy: "Well! I don't like tofu THAT much!"

    Me: "I don't eat tofu."


    Me: "Plants."

    And lol @ NJ...for a chef, you sure as hell don't know anything about nutrition.

    Source(s): vegan bodybuilder and personal trainer
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