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Where did you meet your spouse?

Just wondering :)


We actually met online.....YES I said online. We chatted and talked on the phone for 4 months before I felt comfortable meeting him.

If you choose to make any rude or mean remarks please do NOT even bother answering.

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    Me and my husband met on a phone chat line..The kind where u add a greeting message for others to hear and then interested guys will leave u a message...I got a lot of messages one day and skipped through most of them. Then my now husband left me a message and left me his number. Something in his voice was different then the others who left there numbers for me. He lived in the same city as me and we talked on the phone for a year before meeting. when we met in person we just clicked right away, we got pregnant 3 months after meeting and have been together ever since =o)

    Nothing's wrong with meeting your spouse from the internet or chat lines, there are some good people there and a lot more people are doing it nowdays..Have u ever seen "you've got mail"? =oP

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  • We met at church. He had just graduated from college and I was a single mother to a 2 year old little boy. We exchanged phone numbers and talked forever on the phone since he had moved 7 hours away. We were married 4 years later after he quit his job doing advertising for a national pizza chain and moved here to make waaay less money. We have been married for almost 5 years and 2 sons later we are quite happy and still in love.

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    I was at a manager's meeting, an informal one lol, at Starbucks and one of the other managers said that he had an underage employee meeting him there so he could buy him beer. I admonished him saying that was not appropriate AT ALL.....and then the employee came up and oh, my! I wanted to jump him right then and there (we were both 20 at the time, I was not a cougar salivating over a teen ;). Shortly after he was transferred to my store and we started to get friendly, so I transferred him to another store and we started dating. We' ve been together since, married for 8 years this summer, and have 3 beautiful children together.

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    One day I was talking on the phone to my then bf (now ex) on my now hubbys phone and he got my number and called me the same night that me and my then bf split. I was only 17 and he was 20 well we talked on the phone for 3 weeks then finally met and weve been married for 3 years and together for 5 years now! young marriages do last! Here is proof LOL we have a beautiful 2.5 year old.

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    Online in a divorce chat room. We talked for a few months it it was about 6 months before we met in person. Since it was states apart, we "dated" for 18 months by pc, phone, and meeting in person every few months.

    Are very happily married now for 7 yrs. We both had bad 1st marriages, but righted all the wrong things.

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    I met her online through Yahoo Q and A no less. We e-mailed back and forth, then started calling on the phone a lot. I lived several states away from her and we eventually hooked up and I moved out here to be with her and that has been almost 3 years ago. Oh yeah, she flew out to visit me and we hit it off right from the start at the airport elevator which is when we first laid eyes on one another. Cool Huh?

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    Oh hun, don't you worry about what other people think. I met my hubby online as well. YEP! And we're so damn proud of it because we are super happy with one another. We met online, talked and chatted for a while, then met in person some time later. It was great from the first moment we met (online and in person). We hit it off instantly. He took me to the local Riverwalk on our first date and it was sooooooooo romantic.


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    I met my husband through some friends.. They called me up and ask if i wanted to go to the reaces with em that nite and he happend to be goin with the same friends.. we got to talking an one thing led to another and we ended up dating.. been together 3 years an got a wonderful lil boy

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    In extreme college. We Met with suggestion from a pal reason He continuously concept i became lovable. He presented Himself To Me. yet That became It. in a lengthy time period My Junoir 3 hundred and sixty 5 days He might want to See Me And Blow Me Kisses. i concept It became lovable. in a lengthy time period i began to Have thoughts For The Boy. I instructed My pal, Her Brother became acquaintances With Him. That Day He Hugged Me To Sat Bye because it became the end Of the college Day. My pal instructed Him Kiss Her. I Yelled Say "No". Then He looked Into My Eyes And suggested i know you desire a Kiss. That Momment He Made Me Shy and characteristic thoughts For Him. That nighttime He were given My style We began courting. we are courting 1Year and three Months And Now we are Enagged. And chuffed(:

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    Years ago my friend and I co-owned a recording studio in Tampa. He was also the Music Director for his Church and was putting together a Christmas Concert one year and didn't have enough male voices so he asked me if I would come sing some Christmas Carols at his Christmas Eve Concert. Being the nice guy I am I told him I would.

    The first night of practice I noticed this gorgeous Lady with long brown hair, blue eyes and a body to kill for. My friend warned me that his wife wanted to set this girl up with her brother and that she was also the Sunday School Teacher at the Church. Every guy there would just drool over her and we nicknamed her 'The Package' as she had it going on. She could sing like an Angel too.

    I caught her checking me out quite often and she would blush and look away quickly.

    Anyhow the night of the Concert my friend invited everybody over to his place for a Christmas Party and his brother-in-law (whom I knew) was there too. I told him that I was really interested in this girl (Kim) and he said he hated having his sister setting him up so it was cool if I asked Kim out. Just then she pulled up in her car and got out. I told him that was her and he was like 'DAMN!' but he said he had given me his word and Kim and I were inseparable at the Party. I asked her for her phone number before she left, we spent most of Christmas Day talking on the phone and I asked her if she would like to go out tomorrow (12/26) and we have been together for 16 years (11 Married). My friend's wife was mad at me for awhile but Kim and her were friends and she got over it but I don't know if her brother ever did (Kim wasn't interested in him anyhow).

    So that is the story of the most wonderful Christmas Present I ever received.

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