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What is humanity moving to, I wish to read essays?

That's a VERY wide subject, and yet it is rarely discussed, that's sad.

I wonder if there are places where it is discussed, where opinions are posted or collected...

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    You posted on an environmental site, so I'll confine my answers to authors who delve into that topic in some fashion. In no particular order:

    Edward Abbey

    Stephen Jay Gould

    E.O. Wilson

    Scott Weidensaul

    And finally, not an essay but a good read, Bruce Babbit's "Cities in the Wilderness."


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    Humanity is failing big time. There are those people out there who do what they can to make a difference and help the less fortunate out, but for the most part, people only care about themselves. Money is the driving force in our world right now and unfortunately people get power hungry and money hungry and will do whatever it takes to get it... at the expense of mankind. Thinking of this Swine Flu... I was amazed at how big of a deal it became in the States, because it was so close to home. But you look at all those people in third world countries who die on a daily basis from completely curable diseases? That's THOUSANDS of people. And we can help them! But do we? No. Why? Because it's so far away, we don't know those people, and it's expensive.

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    The current environmentalist movement is doing its very best to kill off humans, animals and crop plants. Why not take a slightly different take on co2 and examine the side effects of the current practice of artificially minimizing co2 production and release into the atmosphere. Do you realize that at the recommended 280ppm level we will starve most of our agriculture for co2 it needs to grow on. And by artificially lowering co2 to that level we will increase the number of people who suffocate from asthma every year because the co2 content of the air will not be high enough to assist respiration in those individuals.

    Do you realize that we are suffering crop losses because of the current low levels of co2 in the atmosphere? For good human and crop health the atmospheric level of co2 should be at least 1000ppm. Almost 4 times the current level. This is because of the rare use of wood as a fuel for heating and cooking and the growth of scrub brush that is responsible for the current rash of forest fires earlier and earlier in the year. The planet is adjusting conditions to generate more fires to replenish the supply of co2 to levels where the ecology is healthier. The more we artificially reduce the co2 in the atmosphere through scrubbers and fuel changes the worse the fires and such will become until the planet is able in other ways to restore the correct co2 balance.

    Agriculture / Biological applications

    Plants require carbon dioxide to conduct photosynthesis. Because of low current atmospheric concentration, carbon dioxide is practically the limiting factor of the Earth life, as compare to two other similarly important components - water and sun light. While plants "in wild" are optimized for this, plant-intense greenhouses may (and of large size - must) enrich their atmospheres with additional CO2 to sustain plant life and growth, because the low present-day atmosphere concentration of CO2 is just above the "suffocation" level for green plants. A photosynthesis-related drop (by a factor less than two) in carbon dioxide concentration in a greenhouse compartment would kill green plants, or, at least, completely stop their growth. At very high concentrations (a factor of 100 or more higher than its atmospheric concentration), carbon dioxide can be toxic to animal life, so raising the concentration to 10,000 ppm (1%) or higher for several hours will eliminate pests such as whiteflies and spider mites in a greenhouse.

    It has been proposed that carbon dioxide from power generation be bubbled into ponds to grow algae that could then be converted into biodiesel fuel.[11] Carbon dioxide is already increasingly used in greenhouses as the main carbon source for Spirulina algae. In medicine, up to 5% carbon dioxide (factor 150 as compare to atmospheric concentration) is added to pure oxygen for stimulation of breathing after apnea and to stabilize the O2/CO2 balance in blood.

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    Humanity as a whole has succeeded in various ways of good

    in the fields of medical research and health care; in the field of

    global communications by satellites and cell phones and mast

    television; in the field of mass food production and agricultural

    soil and water conservation; in the field urban and metropolitan

    development; in the field of engineering and construction

    material development and fabrication; in aeronautics and space

    studies with development.

    The problem is in the way these services are spread to good use

    among humanity. In some cases they are not available to all earth's

    population. Many in third world countries are suffering from natural

    disasters that put them in harms way and then by the very ones that

    run the countries. Power and wealth, it's like the dog that kills the

    chickens in the yard pen. The taste of blood keeps him coming back.

    Power and wealth means control, domination by a few over the vast

    majority. Customs and allegiances, national pride and greed are

    what mankind must overcome in order to be a success. Sadly it

    will take a dominant power so miraculous that it will conquer all of

    those that oppose it and act on behalf of those who truly seek to

    live in harmony with each other as brothers and sisters throughout

    the nations of this planet. A revolutionary change so intent that the

    purpose of it's intent brings immediate good for those of humanity

    that are deemed worthy to live in peace and harmony with one

    another and render service to the living by devotion of one's life for

    that cause.

    As long as man tries to rule over man, humanity will suffer in one

    way or another. With various religious practices and customs no two

    different groups whether in or out of christendom will get along. It must

    be a common goal away from the millions and millions of opinions

    that lead to insurrection and war. The advances in technology are

    base and financed for the means of capitalistic, power and wealth

    based on the greed and opinuated different national groups and those

    who put faith in the leaders of such groups. Militaries arsenals stock-

    piled with the various means of technological destruction continues

    to put fear in the hearts of men so that they refuse to be dominated

    or give in to domination.

    I would love to see the day when all humanity can live and feel so

    secure knowing that they have a home, food, good health and a

    purpose in life of not being free but a slave to making sure that all

    whom he can help he has done so and in turn those with skills that

    would be helpful to him being givien in "agape". Militaries and police

    are things of the past. Peace and harmony for all and a joy and

    purpose in life.

    Humanity own it's own will never have the power to do so and so I

    fear that in all we do to help our selves in luxuries we are bringing an

    end to life in the way we know it as we are robbing the very resourses

    that takes care of us. Earth and it's natural ability to supply man a

    home to sustain him. That is why John Lennon wrote the song

    "Imagine" so that people could have a corresponding world wide hope,

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    Read this website, collecting essays precisely :

    My own opinion is that we're heading straight into a solid wall and soon we'll be back to ignorant times, a sort of eternal middle-ages from which, as soon as mineral and energy resources have been exhausted, we won't be able to exit anymore.

    Heh, I'll have to post that in that website ^^

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    we need to get rid of religion and keep muslim countries free from nuclear weapons and then we will have a global community, and eventually fly to other solar systems and good planets

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