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Now that Obama has made the SECOND LARGEST expenditure in history, can we ever pay off this DEMOCRATs DEBT?

Washington - Members of Congress from Maryland and other states protested President Barack Obama's budget cuts Thursday, even as critics dismissed them as trivial savings in a $3.55 trillion spending plan.

three thousand five hundred billion , aren't Democrats amazing! They can spend this amount in one year and yet complain about 2.1 trillion dollar spent over 6 years on a war


As a Democrta posted here "...Don't like it? Good. That's why you lost..."

Not, "we need to reign in this spending", or " This type of fiscal damage to our country must stop" we get

"Don't like it? Good. That's why you lost"

Well, I guess we will have to see if that holds true in 16 months.

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    We are still paying for the first 3 times........

    3 times in history of this country DEMOCRATS HAD IT ALL

    When the Democrats took power in 1932 they had a filibuster proof Congress for the first time in the nation's history.The citizens had elected a very liberal Democrat, some say fascist, as president. Roosevelt proposed and Congress approved that massive and expensive program known as the New Deal that called for massive subsidies of farmers something that we still do today. It increased the bureaucracy of the Federal Government that simply continues to grow.........

    Flash forward to November of 1963. In that month John Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon Johnson was sworn as President of the United States. Johnson was the Democrat presidential nominee in 1964 and this nation, still weeping over the death of Kennedy, not only elected Johnson, they gave him, for the second time in our history, a filibuster proof Congress. With that in place Johnson declared "THE WAR ON POVERTY". We spent trillions of dollars on this welfare state and in the process of all this generosity damn near broke the bank while reducing the population of the inner cities to a dependant class.

    And last time it happened was between 1977 and 1979, the first two years of Jimmy Carter's unhappy presidency.......and most of us remember what happened than:

    The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that we are paying for right now...with collapsing banking system...

    Don't forget democrats already try to scare everyone with "Energy crisis" & "Global Climate Change", during Carter.........

    Republicans may not have a common goal now, but one thing unite democrats like nothing also.........SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE MONEY.


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    One is a total budget, the other is the total for the war alone.

    Which was funded extrabudgetarily under Bush, so people wouldn't look close enough to realize that its costs weren't contained in budget figures.

    Obama ended this interesting practice and now those costs are in the budget where now they suddenly look enormous to Republicans who must not have taken bookkeeping in school.

    Even a trivial savings is something, but this isn't the time when we can just let the country continue on the path of 'let business do it''. Our underpinnings need support due to the lack of good business practices that got us here in the first place, the next thing being tighter restrictions on the stupidity that has cost us more than just the costs of war.

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    just a couple of mistakes about your post: (1) the debt must be shared, with both parties contributing---bush's war certainly contributed to our fiscal mess, and while obama is trying to jump start the economy, there is no guarantee spending will do the trick---but most economists agree, it's the best choice available under the circumstances. And (2) your taking one tiny comment and expanding said comment into the conclusion that is negative towards ALL democrats. Obviously you know better, but your extremist conclusion weighs down what is a fairly legitimate complaint about runaway spending. And an aside about your name, you tip your bias (obviously), and this dampens the will of those neutral folks who think BOTH parties are at fault and wish to give a somewhat rational answer---they may very well look at your name and conclude you are too radical to accept a fair and honest answer. But i DO like your pic, you handsome devil you, even though your mind has been infected with extremism.

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    2.1 trillion spent on an illegal war that did nothing to make us safer.

    The economy Obama inherited needed a shot in the arm. That is what the budget does.

    Comparing Bush's deficit crazy spending during what he and his supporters call "good times" with a stimulus bill to pull us out of recession is mindlessly ignorant.

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    I agree this is out of control. Our Federal government is way too big and growing everyday. The American taxpayer needs a President that will represent the best interests of the American taxpayer - not the best interests of big business and the worlds other countries. Obama is so out of touch with Capitalism and the taxpayers that his presidency is going to cause the secession of 20+ states from the union. But if you listen to the moronic media you would think all is well and the American people favor what Obama is doing - but the truth is the exact opposite - Obama’s government growth and out of control spending are both bankrupting and destroying the very foundations America was built on. o_O

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    Sorry the Democrats are not listening as they are in the drivers seat

    This attitude is going to be awesome when the country is in depression

    mode and we finally run out of money

    I think you know they will blame everything on the Republicans and

    of course George W. Bush Jr.

    Democrats never shoulder any responsibility~~look at how they flip flop

    and also deny funding the Iraq war or any knowledge of water boarding

    Nancy P~and Barack Obama are all the same

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    I have to agree with Good Guy to a certain extent, This is and was a

    combined effort that got us to this point in our history. No one party

    no one person is at fault here, Bush spent like a drunk sailor every

    day of his political life. The libs and dems should have built a shrine

    to him. He was just as bad as any of there people could have ever


    Obama makes him look like a choir boy. No one is taking the time to

    deal with the problems, just knee jerk reaction to the situations.

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    At the end of Obama's term we'll look and see exactly how much the deficit has grown. If you actually look through our financial history, Republican leaders have raised the deficit far more than democrats. If you add in what Obama's debt, the 2 sides will be about even.

    Thank you Dems and Repubs for getting us into debt over and over.

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    Let's just make the democrats pay for the bill. All the conservatives didn't want all this debt...make the democrats pay for it.

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    Republicans neglected every aspect of our government's duties for eight years. They wasted money on foreign adventures, throwing billions of dollars directly into the toilet. Someone has to clean up the mess. Don't like it? Good. That's why you lost.

    You are going to keep losing. You will deserve to keep losing. Your idea of small government is something we don't want, and something that doesn't work. The adults are back in charge, and they're cleaning up your mess. Pity conservatives aren't smart enough to recognize it.

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