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SHIVA asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 decade ago

Is it true our DESTINY changes with our thoughts.....?

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    Think about this:

    A person who is pessimistic could hate people, hate their surroundings and end up complaining about everything. These people end up staying at home, away from others, holding grudges, and reliving sucky situations. They are more likely to attract or pay attention to negative things, negative people, negative situations.

    A person who is optimistic, a person who smiles, tries to be positive about things is more likely to have goals, meet good friends, have fun in any situation, and make the best of things. A smile definitely attracts good people and evokes happy feelings and thoughts. these things make a person feel like accomplishing something, going places, having fun, and living life. meeting the person of their dreams, doing things they want.

    An optimistic person is much more likely to achieve their goals and dreams. Get things done that they want to do, be happy, be healthy This definitely affects the chain of events that compose their life. They will end up in a totally different situation in the future than if they were pessimistic or undriven, lazy, nonchalant, etc. Thoughts influence everything in your life. Hope this helps!

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  • YD
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    1 decade ago

    To know the answer w should , first , know what is Destiny and what is a thought.

    Thought is not outside of us Destiny is . In fact we do not know where it is and how it acts. For this unknown entity we have simply given a name , Destiny. That is all.

    If it was possible at all for us to initiate change in our destiny we could consider changing our thoughts accordingly . We can compulsorily think of something else and delve on that thought .

    If anything , the combined action of our mind , thought, body results in a certain action. Such an action takes us towards our intended goal. If we drift away from that intended goal and land up somewhere we tend to blame this on some thing . That something is Destiny .

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  • sbr
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    1 decade ago

    The word destiny denotes a point at the end. In our living all we do have nothing to do with destiny. With our thoughts we can make changes in our acts and living better or worse depending upon the nature of thoughts. This is my understanding about destiny.

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  • Moni
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    1 decade ago

    Our Thoughts are also actionable Deeds.

    So this thought will change our destiny (Karma Fhal) even if this thought is not ours. So 'Karma' is a relative term.

    Similarly this Effect of our Deeds will change our personality as the Soul has Impression 'sanskar' which tends us to behave, take birth & be in a particular condition.

    That's the reason Destiny (which was result of our Deeds) will make us think in a particular way which again will create impressions and could make the effect more stronger. But coming out of it OR changing it is by GOD given intellect.

    If in doubt, change for the Best by Prayers/Meditation. For better thoughts keep better company and we will find OR a better 'Guru' teacher will find us.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If, by the term 'destiny', what is meant is an event most probable to happen or not happen, as assessed under a given set of circumstances, on the basis of a set of impressions of the past called experience or knowledge, then, any change in thoughts impel to engage in an action or an act of forbearance, which will change the reaction and behavioural pattern of self and others and may produce changes in the course of events. Thus I find that the proposition has an element of truth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What lies in the the future are a multitude of different Destinies that we can experience activated by our visualizations, choices,thoughts, actions, and intent. I believe in the concept of "Predetermination," with a twist, every scenario "exist": what could have been, should have been, would have been, might have of been. Our destiny is in constant change depending on the choices we make. It can go from misery to bliss and anything in between. In following your intuitiveness as a guide, it doesn't mean that there would only be good fortune, but also the possibilities of hard times. When you adhere to your inner voice ,no matter what happens in life, you will experience a sense of peace and serenity in your heart. Take care, Hector

    Source(s): HRC
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  • 1 decade ago

    Destiny is a tornado, you never know what it will pick u along its way.

    Because i have read this question and responded to it, my destiny is slightly altered. If you do 1000things a day that all slightly alter your destiny then in the course of a year you may have changed your destiny completely....everything affects the future my friend.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    G My destiny used to be pretty certain- Lithium, or SWAT. With the combination of frustrations, hatreds, traumas that I grew up with, those are the two options few escape. Those with somewhat lower intensity traumas just die young from various immune system deficiencies.Yet, I met SGI and learned how to change destiny by changing my perceptions.

    Later, I had a friend who changed her life, and gained more freedom by changing just one letter of her name.

    There is far more connectedness between events and perceptions than most know. The right knowledge is the key, along with the desire to effect change.

    That is why I created the translation of the most functional perception-life practice knowledge I ever met. It is called BOYL.

    Bring Optimization to Your Life

    The Six Combined Basic Truths Method

    Generalist -April, 24, 2009

    There is mass confusion that keeps most people tending toward the lower four levels of life. That makes life fragile and unsatisfactory for most. Those levels are helpless suffering, endless craving, excessive positionality, and egotistic compulsion. When people advance a little, they can operate at higher levels more consistently and can calmly reflect, then learn, then realize, then help others and, slowly, or immediately, even be enlightened and understand the whole scope and never stop teaching and learning. This process is called the ten worlds in Buddhism.

    It is not a ladder, but a multi-dimensional mind-state continuum of tendencies where anyone can immediately be anywhere depending on mind-body-brain shifts. The tendencies are part of life and we can choose not to be dominated by the uncomfortable tendencies. Here is how to gain mastery.

    It is great to accumulate knowledge, and greater to find beneficial uses for it, yet, the vastness of the universe, and our ignorance of it, preclude knowing everything. It is also not necessary to know everything.

    To function much better than usual and optimize life, we only need to

    focus Intention – Nam-. Understand the basic relevant realities like the inseparability of

    tangible and intangible- Myoho.

    Causes produce effects- Renge

    Change never stops- Kyo- so no one is stuck. By reciting the formula that includes all of these basic realities in a short form, get results. It’s in Japanese because the topic can’t be expressed as succinctly in another language, and its originator lived in 13th century Japan.

    This process clears the mind for greater comprehension. It is not magic, it is cognitive exercise.

    Put your palms together and recite the formula for a great life (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.) This summation of life's realities is the basic truth which anyone can use to enhance life. The dichotomies and contradictions disappear as fast as a person allows them to.

    What have I gained since I started to use this formula?

    Unknown artistic ability discovered. That ability led to success.

    Rebuilding of an unhappy, isolated, paranoid, chain saw personality to being a middle class nice guy with all the friends I want.

    Money is much better.

    Professional ability is much better.

    Met and married the woman of my dreams 16 happy years ago.

    Comprehensions added.

    The comprehension required to help hundreds of people change their lives to happy success. Success as they individually defined it


    Nichiren Daishonin, by way of Daisaku Ikeda

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  • Friend,

    You are right, provided if you have used the word ''Thoughts'' in the sense that Scriptures say.

    YAD BHAAVAM ,TAD BHAVATI.That means what you think, that happens really.

    But what is Bhaavam or thought here?

    Your Mind shall be full of all positive things and there shall be no negativity in it.It shall be filled with all Godly Bhaavanas(feelings).That is the mind is said to be empty in the sense of material world.Then if you possess such a mind then what you think is sure to happen and YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY TOO.

    But to reach that stage is highly difficult.

    Good luck to You and May God bless you with all His Grace.

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  • 4 years ago

    Great question. Atheism pretty much requires that our motivations come from raw causality. The atheist can't logically believe in free will because it is contradictory with Darwinism. However, the religious person -- and particularly the Christian -- can't logically believe in raw causality. If everything we do were already predestined, then it wouldn't be us who is responsible for our sin, it would be God's fault. If God is responsible for sin, then God can't be sinless, and thus can't be God. If we don't have a libertarian free will, I argue that there can't be a God. But the fact is that we all do believe we have a free will. Even if you can find someone who says they don't have a free will, you'll find them acting as if they do. Which is evidence for me of two things: God's existence and our freedom to choose our own actions.

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