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What is the strongest wind storm ever recorded in the u.s besides a hurricane?

I heard a lot of windstorms like "The Perfect Storm" 1991 or "The Columbus Day Windstorm" 1962 and like 4 others but I really want to know the strongest one ever recorded for sure.

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    The highest official surface wind gust in the U.S., and for the world as well, was recorded at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, a speed of 231 mph on April 12, 1934. Here is a story about that windstorm:

    A wind speed of 302 mph was measured by Dopplar radar from a tornado near Oklahoma City on May 3, 1999, but those winds were above ground level.

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    Well it appears there needs to be consensus needed here or at least an explanation.

    The highest surface wind is the Mt. Washington wind as described. I think that is the accepted


    The problem with the 1999 Moore, OK, tornado is that it was measured by remote methods using the DOW (doppler on wheels).

    While I have no problem with the 302 mph value since if you take the raw frequency shift (doppler effect) and do the math it comes out between 301 and 302. If you look up many of the science publications they cite one or the other most frequently. I always have used the 302 value when I give a talk concerning the Moore Tornado since that is the valued accepted by the folks at SPC. See link at:

    However, the frequency shift may or may not be accurate. In fact, most people will assign a accuracy range of plus or minus 20 mph to that value stating that the measurement was within that frame. That is the wind speed was within 281 and 322 mph range. That is why often in some very note-able publications, you will see differing values for that measurement just above the surface from the Moore Tornado. What was it exactly, no one really knows for sure but is to this day the strongest measured by any means. That is not to say that there were not stronger tornadoes. I still say that either the Greensburg Tornado of 2007 or the Jordon IA tornado of 1976 were approximately as strong as the Moore tornado. The Doppler on Wheels didn't exist in 1976 and were not on the storm that hit Greensburg. The damage suggests that any of these three could have had similar wind speed above the surface but was only caught by the DOW at Moore.

    It is just like the tree that falls in the forest, does it mak any sound? If there is no instrument to measure the wind speed, did that wind speed exist? People will argue about this for years to come. They already have.

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    The strongest recorded surface wind in the US was on Mt. Washington, as noted. The tornado wind record is 318 mph, recorded in the 1999 Moore, Oklahoma, tornado (first link), although that was more than 60 feet above the ground.

    In terms of area affected by intense winds, the 1962 Columbus Day storm is almost certainly the US record holder for extratropical storms (second link).

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    Well, Hurricane Wilma in 2005 was the strongest hurricane in Atlantic recorded history. It was a Category 5 with a pressure of 882 mbar. (The lower the number, the stronger the hurricane is.) However, when it made landfall in the United States, it was a Category 3.

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    300 in 1902 in dc

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