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    Answer is YES.

    different airlines have different allowances and depends on which class of ticket are you having.

    More expensive ticket, have more allowances

    For econ class, HK to UK is 25kgs to most of the airlines.

    For econ class, HK to USA is 35 kgs to most of airlines.

    Airline calculate the weight of the luggage and there are some restirction of the luggage. like the size of the luggage.

    Check with your airline before aboard.

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    More expensive ticket, have more allowances.

    If you buy first class ticket, you would have extra luggage ( in weight) allowances. For example : if you are travel hk to uk, in econ class, normally is 25 kgs. But if you travel as a first class, you will have 35kg allowances.

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    答案: 唔係, 只要你總數kg唔過25kg就可!

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