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關鍵字 : 護理人員、工作時數、護理年資



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    The main purpose of the summary, this research, is to observe every nursing staff's work hours and disparity during real man-hour between each other, as the comparation and assessment of every nursing staff's job requirements, probe into a nursing staff and spend actually in the difference of looking after man-hour that the patient accepts, suitable whether pedestrian's strength is disposed now in the appraisal agency of Israel. Investigate time is written down 20 pieces of intact job it by the person who checks view. The materials collected in this research are dealt with in computer Excel and spss10.0 software, average, percentage appear every activity man-hour of project spend, distribute period and proportion research approach not to is it observe law is it attend to collection, time of materials to go on directly to adopt mainly, and utilize the making up by oneself amount form to assess, and then probe into every nursing staff's difference of looking after actually man-hour. It is main research objects that this research amounts to 40 people with one day shift nursing staff of hospital of area of Pingdong, analyse a nursing staff distribute the difference of the hours all kinds of activity man-hours of every day. This result of study includes: (1) Attend to 38.65% directly. (2) Attend to 46.80% indirectly. (3) Attend to 7.85% relevantly. (4) Private time is 6.69%. Key word : Nursing staff, work hours, attending to the age and service seniority

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    The main purpose of this research for prognosticate various nursing personnelses the margin , of of the work hour and actual man-hour is the evaluation , that various nursing personnel's works request to also inquire into a nursing, personnel physically Be cost to what patient accept caring the difference , of man-hour with valuation organization current manpower allocation whether feat 。

    Investigate time is checked by the view to record 20 work day 。s of integritiesThe data of this research collections with the computer Excel and spss 10.0 software processing , average 、 percentages present the man-hour of each movable item cost 、 to distribute time and the comparison research had method mainly adopt a direct observation method to carry on a nursing the collections , of data for time and make use of to measure form to carry on evaluating , to then inquire into each the difference 。 that the nursing personnel physically looks after man-hour from the plaitThis research is with number for white class nursing personnel total 40 artificial and main research object ,sses of certain place hospital in Pingtung to also analyze everyday of personnel's each kind of activity of nursing man-hour allotment of difference 。

    This research includes : as a result( One )Direct nursing 38.65 %。s( Two )sIndirect nursing 46.80 %。s( Three )sRelated nursing 7.85 %。s( Four )sPrivate time 6.69 %。s

    Key word : Nursing personnel the past service of the 、 work hour 、 nursing

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