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可想說自己翻 又翻不順...

麻煩你囉 謝謝

1.My Love的MV取景自樂團的故鄉愛爾蘭,整首歌曲澎湃的配樂也表現了樂團對自己家鄉愛爾蘭的熱愛。 MV中美麗的景色是愛爾蘭著名景點之一 莫赫懸崖

2.他們離自己在愛爾蘭的家鄉越來越遠,藉著這首最新單曲My Love,Westlife唱出對自己家鄉無限的想念和祝福。歌詞中說:我衷心祈禱,我能在夢中回到那有著藍天和綠地我最愛的地方。走過千山萬水,只為能再見你一面。而他們在拍攝這首歌的音樂錄影帶時,乾脆就找了愛爾蘭的拍攝小組,並且將整個場景設在愛爾蘭一個懸崖的公路邊上。除了可以完成工作之外,也順便一解思鄉之苦。

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    1. My Love of MV viewfinder since the Irish band's hometown, the whole soundtrack surging songs show that the band of his own love for his hometown in Ireland. MV in the beautiful scenery is one of famous scenic spots in Ireland cliff mohra

    2. They are away from their home in Ireland getting farther and farther away, the latest song by the song My Love, Westlife sing of their home and bless miss unlimited. Lyrics said: I sincerely pray that I can share in the dream to return to the blue and green that I love the place. Through mountains, only one side you can see you again. And they shot the song's music video when simply looking for a group shot in Ireland, and the entire scene in Ireland the edge of a cliff road. In addition to the work to be completed, but also the way of a solution of bitter homesickness...

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    My Love MV selects a scene from orchestra's hometown Ireland, the entire first song rushed dubs in music has also displayed the orchestra to own hometown Ireland's deep love. In MV the beautiful scenery is of a not cliff Ireland famous scenic spots (1)

    They are getting more and more far to themselves in Ireland's hometown, affiliation this newest list is bending My Love, Westlife to sing and prays for heavenly blessing to own hometown infinite thinking. In the lyrics said: I prayed heartfeltly that I can return to that in the dream to have the place which the blue sky and the green space I most love. Passes through the long and trying journey, only for can goodbye you one side. But they when photographs this first song music videotape, simply has looked for Ireland's photography group, and is located in the entire scene an Irish cliff nearby the road on. Besides may complete the work, also while convenient pain of the solution homesickness. (2)

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