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    I feel sorry about what Amy had done the improper conduct,I already gave she appropriate punishment and had corrected her conduct positively.Hope she can get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible.Sorry to what Amy had gave the troble to teacher once more!


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    Related Amy has the improper behavior once more, deeply feels was sorry, I have made the suitable punishment to this matter, and corrects her behavior positively, hoped that can let her change this bad custom as soon as possible. Was once more trouble which Amy brought says the sound regret to teacher!

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    Amy on the recurrence of improper conduct, deeply sorry, but I have to make appropriate disposition of this matter, and actively to correct her behavior, she hoped that as soon as possible to remove the bad habits. Amy once again brought to the teacher the trouble of say sorry!

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    Relevant Amy again takes place not appropriate behavior and feel keenly sorry, I have already done an appropriate punishment to this matter, and actively rectify her behavior and hopes to let her change this bad habit as soon as possible.The trouble again bringing for Amy says that the voice excuses me toward the teacher!


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